Colorado Pugs need a home or will be put down
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Thread: Colorado Pugs need a home or will be put down

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    Default Colorado Pugs need a home or will be put down

    Please pass this link around if you are on FB or know of any pug groups in the area.

    Owner Referrals « Colorado Pug Rescue
    Tommie (spayed black 5 yr old pug) & Quincy (4 yr old fawn boy)
    If you are interested in this pair, please contact Elaine at 719-302-3127

    Pug/Brussels Griffon Mix Puppies; Born October 13, 2014
    [email protected]

    Kirby is a 6 1/2 year old male neutered Puggle
    [email protected]

    This is the FB conversation...

    Barb Allen - Just checked these babies out...If no one takes them soon they will be put down by owners

    Owner Referrals « Colorado Pug Rescue
    The pugs listed here are referrals from current owners…which means that Colorado Pug Rescue will have no involvement in the adoption process.

    Barb Allen - The owners will not surrender to the rescue. All the rescue is doing is facilitating and adoption , connecting the parties. I just hope someone will take them. They don't deserve this.

    Connie - I read the bios on these pups and no where does it say they will be put down. Where did you get that information?

    Barb Allen - I was on their site and one of the individuals there had posted that.
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    People suck...
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    I wish I was close don't we have any villagers in CO? Or a state close by?
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    Why won't they surrender to the rescue???
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    A good vet won't put them down!!!! They will keep and turn over to a rescue! techs will keep them forever!
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