Discouraged about Adopting
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Thread: Discouraged about Adopting

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    DefaultDiscouraged about Adopting

    I lost my beloved senior Pug to mast cell cancer. I adopted him when he was 9 from a family friend who could no longer take care of him. I was so bonded with him. I live in Santa Fe, NM. There are no pug rescues near me. I signed up with pughearts.com in Houston and told them I would go and pick up my rescue but they say they canít do a home evaluation in Santa Fe. In this day and age and with COVID-19, I would think that they could substitute a zoom or video to see my home. But I guess not. So I guess Iím going to find a breeder although Iíd really rather rescue a Pug in need. If anyone has any advice or knows of any other options, please let me know.

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    We have a few members who have adopted Pugs . I have little knowledge about rescues.
    I also have heard here and from my old MeetUp group that some rescues make it almost impossible to adopt .

    I can tell you what I think you could also look through Craigslist/local Newspaper sometimes people surrender pets there.
    I actually think that in a little while once people go back to work there will be a lot more dogs in shelters and need of rehoming . I believe many people got puppies feeling isolated , bored , lonely or else .
    If you decide on a puppy that is another story.
    I personally only get my puppies from Breeders who are members of The Pug Club Of America.
    There are members here who might have used Breeders closer to your location .

    I think you are at the right place here and hopefully some members here can give you a lead .

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    You can also contact a breeder....and tell them that you prefer an older pug... They might have one that they want to re home....or might know of one. Might also be willing to do a home check for you!
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    I always like to encourage people to rescue whenever possible, but some rescues make things really difficult and, on top of that, right now is a complicated time for everything.

    Did you tell them the idea about doing a Zoom or virtual home-check? That's an awesome idea and maybe it just hadn't occurred to them before?

    I like Diane's (Shaynapug's) suggestion to contact a breeder about an older pug... they might have had a pug that was intended to be a show dog and didn't quite work out for whatever reason, or an older dog that needs a new home.

    Whatever route you go, I hope you find the perfect pug at the right time for you.
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    We (MAPR) have suspended home visits for the time being. I'd imagine that most rescues have done so. Keep an eye on petfinder.com as well.
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    I tried to adopt I was unable to also it is a very very hard process they make it so difficult I would’ve loved to of had a rescue I live in the middle of 14 acres and yet because I don’t have a fenced yard I can’t adopt the whole 14 acres is fenced. I realize they have their rules and I want pets to be happy and safe but some of this is ridiculous.
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    I am all for groups like DFW, Homeward Bound and Pugalug or Polar Pug, but I am well aware that no one would let me purchase a senior from them no matter what based on age and my lack of enthusiasm for home visits. Hoping you find the dog you are searching for, you sound like a great home for a pug.

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