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Thread: Another Paw at the Poker Table, by John Ott, Lawman

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    Ellen Ellen Ellen!!! Hugs to you for taking in this precious pug and giving him one last shot at a wonderful life!
    Kerrie, Lola and new foster failure brother Logan

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    A tear is being shed here, not so much for Sebastian but for the sorry excuse for a human being that left him there to die. Their loss will be the Tall Grass's gain. Hang in there Sebastian, love is on it's way!
    Brenda, Bella, Duke, Yoda (hospice), Mae (hospice), Zoe (foster) and
    our angels Pugsy, Buster, & Bud waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge

    Northern Illinois Pug Rescue & Adoption (NIPRA)

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    John Ott, I always knew that you were a caring and giving guy. Bless you for dealing him in.
    Mom to Shelby, my 8 year old puppy

    and forever missing my sweet Gizmo.

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    Sebastian doesn't know yet how lucky he is. He will, very soon.

    As for those varmits who used to call themselves his "owners", well, what goes around, comes around. Wonder how they'll feel when they are "too old"?

    John Ott, I know you'll break the new hand in nice and easy. Bless your kind heart!
    Otto's mom (also known as Linda)

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    Ellen and family:

    Sebastian couldn't have been dealt into a greater place than the Tall Grass. I'm sure that Ceylon will be filing for disability benefits for Sebastian and making sure that the run down nursing home for the former owners will consist of nothing more than a slab of cement.

    Thalia, I'm sure that your wonderful starfish paws will have everyone lined out in no time for morning rousting and grub. And I'm sure that any "inner fawness" will develop quickly under your tutelage.

    John Ott, as time permits I'm sure that another poker partner to whip into shape will be appreciated.

    Pug X, being embedded as you are in the prairie I was surprised that you didn't make the announcement, were you asleep ??

    Francine, I'm sure will help Sebastian adjust also, she could help to explain that the cat always takes everything.

    And Black Jack, I'm sure will teach him the way of the prairie and to avoid certain rascals.

    And most certainly (((((((((hugs))))))))))) to the kitchen staff for her compassionate and caring love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Puggie Huggies !!

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    Ellen, you're a gem, a diamond, an absolute pearler. Sending warmest wishes to you and all your wonderful sidekicks at the Tall Grass.
    Shelley, mum to darling Harley

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    Ellen, you've just made our hearts a little fuller (and our eyes a little tearier) and the world a better place. Sebastian doesn't know it yet, but he just landed on his feet. Imagine waiting all those years for the wonderful love he's going to get. I just want to hug you all .
    "You cannot afford to subject your animals, or your children, to medical interventions that you do not understand. The belief system upon which the conventional medical model is founded is so faulty, so corrupt and so dangerous that you simply cannot afford to follow blindly." Catherine O’Driscoll

    Hilary & the Pugpillow Gang: Rescues: Denver (10), Tina (7), Murdoch (5) and chihuahua puppy Maximus Spartacus. Always loving my angel-girl Mei-Ling (1994-2009), my cutie-patootie Kim-Soo (1995-2010), my precious Daisy-Bo (1998?-2006), my sweet boyfriend Jake (1997-2010), my little black beauty Betsy (1995-2010), my sweet old grumpy man Gooey (1996-2011), and my sweet gentleman Farnsworth (1998-2012) at the Bridge.

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    Ellen, I don't know how I missed this!!!! Bless you for taking Sebastian in.
    Mom to Pugsley, Wednesday, Hank, Ringo (failure 1), Wesley (failure 2) & Jed my little boy from Kansas.

    Foster Mom to Tucker.

    Missing Grandma Gert & Precious Percy at the Bridge.

    Foster Coordinator Pugalug Pug Rescue Pugsley Wednesday Hank Percy Ringo Wesley Jed Gertie

    My boys that see with their hearts.

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    Ellen, you have the biggest heart I have ever known, you certainly have earned your wings and halo in my book. Thank God for angels on earth.

    “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    ~Maya Angelou

    @}-;-Dawn, Momma to Diesel my Pug love and Sicily the tiny Chihuahua loves
    Missing my big boy...^Tuxedo^, Mommy's Landseer and my heart ^Zoe ^my first Pug❤️
    Gizmo my purr-baby, ^Dega^ , my furry angel watching over me from The Rainbow Bridge

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    Mercy, I leave town for 3 days and all kinds of things happen! Congratulations Ellen and hugs to sweet Sebastian-he could not ask for a better home....
    Cathy, Dino Bambino the Lawless Terrier, Laura-Lovey the Pug Diva and Sparky Boo Boo, the Pug Mutt

    And playing together at The Bridge
    Bubba Chunk, Gentleman and Scholar
    Lucy the Beagledor
    Liza, the sweet little bundle of good nature
    Big Roxie
    Barney the Wonderbug
    Whompin' Stompin' Walter-A Legend in His Own Mind
    Sweet Rascal Joe

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