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    Default Save an "Angel".........

    A friend posted about "Angel" on another board I frequent. This poor baby girl needs help. Here is her story from the Pug Rescue site:

    "This is Angel. What you see is what rescue organizations deal with all the time. Her rescuer gave her the name of Angel, because she is such a loving girl. She cannot even stand, but will wag her tail whenever one of her caregivers opens her cage at the vet clinic. This little girl was found by animal control in Jacksonville, Fl. They refused to euthanize her, and contacted the humane society. After a few days, they transferred her to their care. They immediately called rescue, and released her to SEPRA's care on the morning of October 19, 2004. Our volunteer who picked her up is an experienced vet tech, who has seen it all. The sight of this emaciated pug, however, was enough to make her sick. She drove 80 miles an hour, crying, to get the pug back to her vet hospital. The kind vets also kept the pug overnight at their home to monitor all night. At this point, we know she is a diabetic, and the doctors are working hard to bring her insulin levels up. As this is written, she is undergoing a blood transfusion, in hopes to stabilize her.

    The care of Angel will be very costly. We are asking everyone to "dig a little deeper" and consider donating to the care of this remarkable pug. Updates on her will be posted as they become available. "

    *WARNING* - The pictures are disturbing.

    Please help if you can ....and remember....any small amount helps.

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    The pictures made me sick. I honestly have never seen anything so sad.

    My donation was sent in yesterday along with alot of prayers for this little

    girl. Hopefully everyone can find a little time to give to this great group.

    This Dr. Stewart is a remarkable person.
    Linda~ Bugsy Pug, Millie and Captain Jack our Schnauzers.

    Miyaghi~my pug angel, July 27, 2005
    Bubba our sweet pug boy, May 18, 2008
    Luke, May 8, 2012

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    Thanks...there have already been many posts about Angel... Check the Prayers section of the Forum... Many PVers have sent donations....

    Poor little thing

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