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Thread: Housebreaking

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    Default Housebreaking

    Hi! We have a 6 month old pug named Max that we've had for 3 months now. He's a sweet little guy and is pretty quick to pick up things. Here's our problem - he consistently has one accident in the house a day, most often pee, but occassionally poo. It's very frustrating. He goes outside the rest of the time, is in a crate when we are not home (I am a SAHM) and overnight (in our bedroom next to our bed) and does not have an accident there. We have finally blocked off the room that he went to the most but does anyone have any other suggestions or do we just have to hang on for that last bit to sink in? Any advice is appreciated!

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    If at 6 mos it's only one accident a day, that is pretty good. Sounds like he's getting it, just maybe easily distracted. I have all doors closed to any rooms that they and their hair does not need to be in. If you can block it off, that would be good.
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