In desperste need of help with people and car chasing
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Thread: In desperste need of help with people and car chasing

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    Default In desperste need of help with people and car chasing

    My pug Bodhi is just over a year and I have tried just about everything I can think of to try to get him to stop chasing. When we are on our walks he pulls and if someone or something comes near us he trys his best to catch it. He has gotten away from me and got kicked my a horse and he has also been knocked by a car. Nothing I do helps and I am going crazy thinking about if he get seriously hurt or killed.
    Please if anyone can help me with this.

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    Victoria Stilwell has lots of shows with this issue ... she gets the dog to focus on the handler at all times with the cue 'watch me!' and the moment the dog starts to react to the situation - she changes direction with purpose and momentum.
    You might look up those episodes
    What are you using for walks? harnesses and a regular leash are best. Collars choke a pug and can cause severe damage, retractable leashes are just dangerous.
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    My Snifter is a car chaser. He has got better but will still lunge at large or loud vehicles such as trucks or motorcycles.

    I walk him only on a harness and keep the leash very short if we are on a narrow pavement. I also make him walk so that I am between him and the road.

    To curb the behaviour I took really, really super treats on our walks. As soon as I heard or saw a trigger in the distance I would ask him to watch me and then keep the treats coming and coming whilst the vehicle went past. Eventually he would come to expect treats if he heard a vehicle coming and would stop and look at me for the treats, which of course always arrived. After we got to that stage I would lure him along with a treat so that we could eventually be walking slowly along as the vehicle passed, again with me shovelling treats in his mouth. Gradually I would reduce the amount of treats given, and as he got better I would not always give a treat for stopping and waiting but still would mostly.

    We are now at the point where he will generally walk on while a car passes (though I am on guard in case of a lunge), he will usually stop if a bigger vehicle is passing (in which case he has never then lunged though I am on guard just in case) or he will not stop in which case I am pretty sure he will try a lunge. He's worse if we are on the side of the pavement which means traffic is coming up behind us.

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