Help!!! My 9 month old Pug is still having accidents in the house
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Thread: Help!!! My 9 month old Pug is still having accidents in the house

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    Default Help!!! My 9 month old Pug is still having accidents in the house

    My pug Daisy is 9 months now, and should be fully house trained, but she's still going in the house. We did scheduled training and she seems to know she should go outside. Usually she poops or pees in the house at night, and not every night, she'll go for days or even a week without going in the house and then all of a sudden I find poop or a puddle of pee in the house. It's almost like at night she is too lazy to go outside. I've tried all kinds of housebreaking tools, and odor removing stuff and yet she still goes in the house. I just don't know what else to do to get her to stop going in the house. Any suggestions would be really helpful.

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    Buddy still has the occasional accident (he is 6 months old) but for the most part he is trained. Treats everytime he goes outside is what worked for us. I will conitnue that until the day he dies if I have to! LOL Also, about a month ago I started putting him in the bathroom by himself for a few minutes if he goes inside. As soon as I see him go on the floor, I pick him up, put him in the bathroom and close the door. He stays in there by himself for a few minutes. He has learned that if he goes outside he gets rewarded and if he goes inside he has to be by himself for a bit. That seems to have worked well for us.

    If I ignore his cues or don't pay attention to when he last went out, then it's my fault. He does try to tell me when he needs to go and he's pretty reliable about it. The times he does slip up sometimes is when he is having one of his crazy moments playing. He'll be racing around and just decide to squat and pee sometimes in the excitement of the moment.

    If she is typically doing this at night, maybe an added outing in the evening would help? Sometimes I take Buddy out and 1/2 hour later he is signaling he needs to go again. I think, how can that be? But if I don't take him out assuming he is playing games with me I am usually wrong! I think at the end of the day they have all that food and water in them from the day and they sometimes need to go more often.

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