Help pug goes to bathroom on deck and in workshop!
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Thread: Help pug goes to bathroom on deck and in workshop!

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    Default Help pug goes to bathroom on deck and in workshop!

    Before Napoleon passed we would put our oldest girl, Pixie (17mo) out with Napoleon in the back yard. We have a LARGE dog door that goes into our workshop where we kept Napoleons food, extra water bowl, his kennel and a HUGE pillow. When it was cold or rainy out, pixie would go to the bathroom in the workshop or the back deck. Our little princess doesn't like to get her feet wet. Since napoleon passed, we have been trying to take her out in the front yard when we take out the babies. We have to put her on a leash or she runs away and it is miles before we catch her. She will not use the bathroom out front with the leash on. We have had to put her back in the yard to use the bathroom and she will only go in the workshop or on the deck. I have no idea what to do to remedy this situation. She seems to be winning this battle HELP!


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    Take her out for a walk with harness and leash by herself. If she goes potty, lavish praise and treat immediately. Do this several times a day if you can. No treat for where you do not want her to potty.
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    You can also try to use the odor remover on the spots that she went potty where she wasn't supposed to. There's another type of spray that is supposed to be used to encourage them to go potty in a specific area, but that has no effect on my pug. If she poos somewhere you don't want it, pick it up and place it in the spot you would like for her to do her business and let her see/smell it. It's worth a shot, along with what Tinker's mom said. Praise and treats are the best way to go. I'm still in the process of potty training my 11 month old pug. This advice has helped a lot. Good luck!
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