Poop training question.
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Thread: Poop training question.

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    Default Poop training question.

    I got Daisy at 5 weeks old as a gift from hubby. He found out about her from my son, was definitely from a BYB. It was the ultimate surprise as he was dead set against any more sine I lost
    Pugsley and Dolly. But I digress.
    It's been 18 years since I had to housebreak a puppy and since she was only 2 pounds, I decided to go with piddle pads. My back yard is not safe for one so tiny.
    Daisy got the pee pee down fast! Now she is almost four months old and rarely an accident. Poop, another story. She has always hid to do her poopy. I never once said a word to her, just cleaned it and went about my business. Tried putting it on the pad and showing her, I would say, look momma girl, this is where a poopy goes. She would look at me, like really mom that's disgusting. When she pees on the pad, fabulous rewards and praise. So the times I place the poop on the pad, she now won't use it if a poop is there. I have tried placing pads in spots where she poops, but then there are several pads all over my family room and they become playthings and get dragged around.
    Today she pooped in the kitchen, cleaned and disinfected as usual. An hour later, pooped on the sofa! Yes miss nasty, pooped on my sofa! I was very annoyed an told her off. Cleaned it and disinfected, put her in her crate her 5 minutes, used the opportunity to mop the floor.
    So she is now out and terrorizing Hercules.
    I need poop help please! I tried taking her for walks, but she is petrified of the leash and she has gotten out of her harness. I live near a very busy road. Please help, I prefer until she gets bigger and calmer to use the pads for potty. Thanks
    Lucy, Hercules, Daisy and my little furry heartbeats at the bridge , Dolly 7/20/2010 and Pugsley 5/31/2011

    "Not to hurt the creatures brethren is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission - to be of service to them wherever they require it." -Saint Francis

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    Congratulations on your new addition!
    Poopy training a pug can be daunting to say the least. I didn't do puppy pads with my Popeye ( he is now 6 months old) but I did use the puppy patch. It simulates grass and it really is quite easy to keep clean. Popeye trained on that quite easily- with lots of praise and yummy treats of course. I have an older pug as well and I now try to take them out together - although that doesn't always work.
    As I learned with a pug patience patience patience:)

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    I'm having the opposite problem with Gus. He'll run in and do his poo on his potty pads, but squats without notice anytime he needs to pee. I just watch him and when i see him sniffing about I pick him up and put him in his area (his area is an ex-pen, which is also where his potty pad is) He MOSTLY will pee on his pad when he's in his area, but sometimes he'll just pee wherever he see's fit. Ive covered the floor of his ex-pen with a pre-cut piece of vinyl from Lowes to save my carpet. Drives me crazy! Maybe try getting her an ex-pen set up and a potty-pad in a potty-pad holder so when you see her sniffing to find a good spot you could just pick her up and put her in her place and tell her to go poopy. Maybe limiting her space will help? I've only had my Gus for a week now, so I am just learning! but it's really helped me with the pee-pad training! Here's a picture of Gus' set-up. His crate is all connected, but he prefers his little bed as close to me in my bed as possible :)

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