Pug getting revenge?
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Thread: Pug getting revenge?

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    Exclamation Pug getting revenge?

    I bought a 5 month old male pug and I left him in the crate on the first night and he cried and then I let him nap in bed with me. On the second night he cried again then I let him sleep in bed with me. Whenever I leave him in his crate he pees or poops like hes trying to get revenge, even if I put him on the floor beside my bed he goes near his cage and he pees even though he knows the wee wee pad is right there. I don't know if he's trying to get revenge of if its just because he's fairly good with the wee wee pads. Some one help please

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    If he's good with the pads and doesn't pee or poop in the bed, why not just let him sleep with you?
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    It is a myth that dogs do things out of spite/revenge. Usually the reason for housebreaking accidents is something more basic...Could he be crying BECAUSE he has to pee/poop? What I used to do was if Remy cried in the crate I would carry him outside to potty and then bring him back in and put him back in the crate. That way I knew he'd gone potty and any crying for a while after that was purely for attention so I could just ignore it. He soon learned that crying bought him a trip outside not a cuddle in bed. Unfortunately once they learn that crying equals being let up on the bed they will continue to do it. Its no biggie if you don't mind him in the bed though.

    Another thought....does he only go into the crate at night? Did he use a crate before you got him? Perhaps he was improperly crate-trained and now looks at it as a place for pottying in addition to the wee pads.
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    I agree its a training issue. People treat the pug like a little human.. wrong... they are animals.. dogs... proper training, encouragement and love will go a long way rather than giving into these little gremlins :)

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    Puppies that young can't hold it for more than 3 hours or so unless they're fast asleep. How often are you taking him out? Are you making sure he goes out to pee before he goes to bed? He might be crying in his crate because he NEEDS to go potty and dogs--by instinct--hate to pee/poop where they sleep.

    Unfortunately once they start going in one spot they think that that's the toilet. Make sure you wash his bedding extremely well so there is no scent of urine on it. You'll have to train him out of going in or near his crate.
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    I agree with all that's been said. You can rest assured that he's not doing it for revenge. Dogs don't have the mental capacity to think that way. Most pugs will want to sleep with their human. Once they've done that once of twice, it's a job to go back. You've already had good training advice. Personally, I'd take puppy out to pee and poop before bed, waiting for him to go no matter how long it takes, and then let him sleep in bed with me. But that's my preference.
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