Need potty training help
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Thread: Need potty training help

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    Unhappy Need potty training help

    hey guys, i just got a pug puppy about a week ago, i need help potty training him though, he's about 9 weeks old.

    my boyfriend and i live in an apartment that is mostly covered in carpet, so it's really frustrating to have him do his business everywhere. we are trying setting up potty pads in the restroom and he uses the potty pads but once we let him out of the restroom and to play out in the living room he potties everywhere.
    and also sometimes he doesn't even use the potty pad that is set up in the restroom, it is very frustrating, we have him on a strict feeding schedule and after feeding we play with him for an hour or so then take him to potty on the pad, but he is still having accidents, please help.

    xoxo new puggy mommy

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    an hour or so is too long for him to wait at 9 weeks old, he still doesn't have much bladder/bowel control at all. When we first had Pugsley it was trips to potty pad or outside every 20 minutes! It sounds like a lot but it is necessary at that age.

    I completely sympathise with you. At my house we have wooden floor so accidents weren't an issue but at work it was carpet and it was so frustrating if he had an accident there, and really embarrassing too.

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    The rule with puppies is that they will always need to go after eating (within 20 minutes), drinking, playing or sleeping. These first few weeks, he may need to be taken to the puppy pad every half hour or more. As Emelina said, he really doesn't have much control of his bodily functions yet, so he will basically just go whenever he needs to. Think of him as a small toddler in that respect. He is not doing any of this to defy you. He doesn't understand what you want yet, and even if he did, he's not able to do it unless you help him.

    To enourage him to use his puppy pads, you can rub a little pee on them. Dogs instinctually want to go again where they have already gone. For that reason, I would cover the floor in thick paper or similar, so that pee and poop doesn't get on the carpet. That smell will make it a lot harder to make him understand not to go potty there. If pee or poop gets on the carpet, make sure to use an appropriate cleaning solution that really removes the scent. There are specific kinds that deal with dog urine.

    Whenever he goes on his pad, be ready to praise and treat lavishly. Praise has to happen immediately afterwards - like within a couple of seconds - or he won't be able to make the connection. Dogs always think you are commenting what they're doing at that very moment. Never punish or scold him for having an accident. It's pointless and may even make him associate pottying with discomfort, which in turn may make him hide from you when going to the toilet. (My strong advice would be never to punish him at all, for anything. It's a poor training tool compared to other available methods.)

    Setting a tighter schedule will go a long way towards avoiding accidents, but still be prepared for accidents. No matter how ambitious you are, they will happen. Even though we took Winston out into our backyard a million times per day (or so it seemed) we still averaged one or two indoor accidents per day the first month. That's just life with a puppy.
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