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Thread: Very naughty!

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    Angry Very naughty!

    I have just got a baby pug and for the past couple of days he has been great, house training is coming on well and he is getting on with my other dog brilliantly but now that he is settling in a bit more he is so so naughty! He nips A LOT and gets himself very worked up. He doesn't seem to listen to me when I'm telling him to stop. The only thing I can think of to do is put him in his pen but then he just starts biting his bed or pee pad! Is there anything I can do to try and sort out this behaviour? I get that he is just being a puppy but I don't want him to be nipping everyone who gets hold of him. He is 10 weeks old. Any advice please?
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    If he gets very nippy I'd put him in his crate, not his pen, with just a cushion inside. Ignore any whining, I even put a blanket over the crate a couple of times with Pugsley when I was sure he was over tired. Sure enough, he'd usually be asleep within a few minutes. If not he would definitely have calmed down and I'd be able to let him out again.

    At 10 weeks old they still ned a fair bit of sleep, they'll just never admit it :D
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    Try giving him something that he is allowed to chew... like a bully stick or a filled frozen Kong. I remember those razor sharp teeth when mine were puppies. Once I diverted their attention from my hand by saying "No" and then giving them something they were allow to chew, they got the idea real quick.

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    My pug winston is 16 weeks old, he is still a biter when new people come into the house but the has calmed down so much since he was 10 weeks, back then you'd think he was going in the right direction training wise then its blown out the window in 10 minutes, i tried to take the advice that i read online to make him stop biting like yelping once he bit me, none of it worked and the only thing that did work was giving him something else to chew and he only had access to my living room which i well and truly pug proofed.

    Work on training and a few different types of treats, the concentration used in thinking exercises really works and keep the environment calm is good as he will reflect that.

    good luck and dont leave a bean bag around, i learnt that the hard way!

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