SBT method and puppy pads
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Thread: SBT method and puppy pads

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    Default SBT method and puppy pads

    Ok so I am picking up my pug puppy this Sunday and I very excited!
    The only thing making me nervous is the housebreaking. Our dog Susie was
    was already potty trained when we adopted her. We only had to give her a potty
    and feeding schedule and she was fine. This will be my first time potty training a puppy :)
    So, I know that they do not have control of their bladders until theyre 12 weeks and thats
    ok. I'm ready for the accidents!
    I'm just wondering if anyone has done the SBT method with puppy pads at the same time?
    i ask because Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays no one will be home at noon to walk the puppy.
    Has anyone used the puppy pads to replace the noon walk?
    Also I read here that pugs do should not be fed 3 times a day but I've also read that 8 week
    old puppied should be fed 3 times a day? Maybe I'm just nervous and over thinking all this
    but anyones input would be nice! Thank you for reading!

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    Welcome! There are some VERY experienced pug people but I though I would add my two cents.....we got Wasabi at 8 weeks (coming up on 6 months now) and he is still on 3 meals a day. Pugs love food and it is a joy to see him happy so I will probably always divide his meals so he can eat 3. Plus pugs tend to gulp, so spreading out the meals is a little healthier. I am home so it is very easy for me. When he was little and I had to go out I would leave him confined with a puppy pad and he would use it, now he is good with no accidents for 3-4 hours at a time. He also was crated all night from the beginning, small crate, and would go from 10:30 pm to 5:45 am with no accidents, so longer stretches are possible.

    Talk to your breeder! They can be a wonderful source of info! AND DON'T FORGET TO TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!!!!

    We love pictures here in the Village!

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    mine was fed 4 times a day until four months, then three times until six or so months. I think three times will be necessary for a while still with your pup. Schedules are awesome, we did it with a litter tray, and when we had to go, the tray was in her safe space with her bed, a toy and some water (we put her in the shower, lol, it was small, safe and completely puppy proof).

    Get some good cleaning stuff that removes dog odour :)

    yay for new puppy!

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