Training senior pug to use indoor grass potty box
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Thread: Training senior pug to use indoor grass potty box

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    Default Training senior pug to use indoor grass potty box

    Hi, my wonderful Riley Pug is turning 10 in August. I hate to think of him as "senior", but he's getting there. He is perfectly house-trained.
    Now that he is older, he is waking me up two or three times a night to go outside to go potty, usually once to pee then later to poo. I am so sleep-deprived. (Meanwhile, when there is an emergency and I leave him home alone too long, like 7 hours, he never goes inside.) No matter how I try to persuade him, he won't go go both at once when he asks to go out at night.
    I tried training him to use potty pads and I even put grass and leaves from where he usually potties on there. But he just didn't get it. So I ordered a Fresh Patch indoor real grass potty box. I'd love any advice on how to train him to use it. I've been looking on youtube for videos and no luck so far, I'll keep looking. The main thing is he's not a puppy. He's a well-trained housebroken dog so instead of just teaching a puppy where to go, I'm having to sort-of BREAK old habits, and I think that is harder. (?) I only plan for him to use this in the night. So that when he barks to wake me up I can say "go potty on grass". I am just so sleep-deprived.
    The Fresh Patch arrived today. I spent some time today slowly teaching him to get used to how it feels. One paw on, treat. Two paws on, treat. etc. Stand on it, treat. Then when he had to poo, I took it outside onto cement and treated him whenever he'd stand on it. I'd use the same verbiage I use when we potty as usual outside, but he's just look at me. I *don't* expect him to learn in one day. I'm just letting you know what I'm trying so far and asking for any thoughts or links. I'm watching puppy training videos for puppy pads, but I just don't think it's the same and re-training old habits. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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    What your doing sounds exactly what I would try if I wanted to train my pugs to use this, so I don't have any advice to add, other than keep trying! I hope you are able to get Riley to use it at night.
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    Maybe take it outside and have him go on it and praise...then bring it inside?????

    Keep us posted! This interests me as I might want to do it sometime!
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