Crate & potty training going well...
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Thread: Crate & potty training going well...

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    Default Crate & potty training going well...

    Hello all!

    I just have a quick question about crating training and the potty. Miss Phoebe is almost 8 weeks old and when we got her a week ago, she was been using the potty outside flawlessly. We started crate training too and she goes to her bed at night and sleeps through the night for about 8 hrs! No whining and no mess in the crate. We are super excited about all this!
    My question is, how long can I leave her during the day? I go home at lunch and shes out for about 40 mins and the longest I've left her is 5 hrs. I know they say take their age and add 1 and that's the # of hours to leave them. But that would mean 3 hrs for her and she is fine at 5 so far. I don't want to push it and hurt her little bladder. I love going home and seeing her but I can't keep taking 1.5 hr lunches at work either. Any advice would be super!!

    PS- we get home around 7pm and play with her, let her eat etc till about 11 at night.

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    Many dogs are home alone for 8 hours or more - sometimes it is impossible to have otherwise (mine too!). But as for what time is good? I'd say about four hours, then she needs a break, walkies and some stimulation.

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