How long until a pug can hold it all night?
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Thread: How long until a pug can hold it all night?

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    Default How long until a pug can hold it all night?

    Kermit is nearly 7 months old and at the moment I feed him twice a day (at 9.30am and 4.30pm). I put him out to pee and poop for the last time at about 11pm and have been getting up at 6.15am to let him out again (where he pees and poops again). Then i go back to bed and get up again at 9.30. On weekdays my mam gets up for work at 5.30 so he gets let out then. My question is when can I have a full, undisturbed nights sleep?! I'm always worried if i leave it too long i'll come down to poop in his crate! He's fairly reliable with house training although if he really needs to go he won't tell me... he'll just go to the back door and if i'm not quick enough poop right there in the kitchen! Even though i have a bell on the back door which i make him ring every time we go out, he never seems to ring it himself to tell me he needs to go. We have had no pee accidents for a long while though.

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    He should be fine already, but I feel you have established a habit of going at soon after six, so you'll have to change the habit gradually.

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    What Nina said.

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    ^^^ Agreed. He should be able to hold it longer than 7 hours at this point, but you'll need to get him used to it. Try increasing it by 15 minutes for a few mornings, then add another 15, etc.
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    Ms. Sugar, here. Arsine, The Boston, ulsa and I agree that your goal could be reached around or past the age of fourteen. In pug years.
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