Litter Box Training for a 2 year old!
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Thread: Litter Box Training for a 2 year old!

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    Question Litter Box Training for a 2 year old!

    Hi all,

    I've joined today because I'm looking for some specific pug advice.

    I'm leaving my rented property with enclosed garden just before Christmas and moving to a 1st floor (2nd floor if you're American) apartment in the city centre. Now I bought this flat due to the fact that there was a communal courtyard but access to the courtyard is tricky, so whilst I will still be using it to take Lola (female pug, age 2) to the toilet morning and evening, my step father who will be babysitting during the day when I'm on the road for work will struggle to get to the courtyard.

    So I'm considering litter box training Lola, she is an easily trainable dog and has learnt tricks in one evening previously where food was involved. However, everything I'm reading is saying I need to set it up like crate training - which is not ok for Lola, she is very anxious when trapped as when I rescued her at 6mths she had lived in a crate most of the day and was allowed run of a very small kitchen on occasion.

    So I'm asking to the pug owners with litter box trained puglets, what experience/successes have you had and what are my options? How long has this taken you with an adult pug?

    How does litter training work with the little figure of 8 ritual so many pugs like to do when picking their perfect spot?

    Also, what kind of litter tray/box set ups do you use? There seems to be so many types, grass trays, standard tray w/ litter, etc!
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    Think I'd definitely try one of the Piddle Place trays

    Piddle Place Dog/Cat Sanitary Environment Unit with Lid, Turf Pad, Spray Bottle and 9 Days Supply Bio Treatment Concentrate: Pet Supplies

    A cheaper alternative that might work would be to go to a DIY store and get one of those large builders mixing trays and some grass turfs to fit in it. Check that the turf hasn't been treated with anything unsafe to pets though. The downside of that would be remembering to water the grass and it would need replacing at regular intervals.

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