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Thread: Peed on comforter

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    Default Peed on comforter

    We have a male pug puppy about 15 weeks old. He has been really great about going outside. The other night my daughter was playing with him on the bed and walked away for a minute and when she can back he had peed the comforter. I washed and dried it and last night put it back on. As I was laying with him he got up and started "digging" into the comforter and then peed on it in front of me. My question is not about this behavior as we are dealing with that but how do I get the urine smell out so if he is up there again he won't smell it and do it again? I washed and dried it the first time. Today I bought some Natures Miracle and have soaked the area. I don't know if I am supposed to let that dry then wash it or what. Our previous dogs have been a Beagle and GSD and neither of them did this so I'm not sure what to do about getting this smell out of the comforter. Thanks :)

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    I use natures miracle. I would spray it on and then wash it after it dries. He is still a baby, so he needs to learn. Maybe keep him off the bed for a while?
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    Good advice above - an enzymatic cleaner formulated for doggy odours should do the job :)

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