HELP!!! Adult pug started soiling the house after the arrival of a second pug puppy
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Thread: HELP!!! Adult pug started soiling the house after the arrival of a second pug puppy

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    Default HELP!!! Adult pug started soiling the house after the arrival of a second pug puppy

    Hi Everyone,

    My adult male pug Pakkun is almost 2 years old (neutered at 11 months), i've had him since he was 12 weeks. he 's fully trained, i used reward training to train him to obey all the basic commands. Also he's trained to pee and poop in a litter box, but instead of litter i use pee pads, its's been perfect for the past 1.5 years. while me and my wife are at work he stays home alone and does his business only on the pad.

    Last week we got a new female pug puppy 10 weeks old we named her Arya. she stays in a separate room on a different floor, they only see each other for 20 min play intervals every few hours on pakkun's floor. Im training Arya to pee on a pad also and its a huge success. i only had a few accidents and i make sure to clean them right away with white vinegar to remove any scents.

    The Problem: they only play fight. Pakkun is only trying to dominate Arya. their 20 min play intervals consist only of Pakkun trying to hump Arya and Arya fighting him back. but she also seems to enjoy it and she enjoys him chasing her around the living room. not once did they just stop to play cute with each other or just lay down. its always extremly intense. Pakkun always knocking her on her back or humping

    Not only that. From two days ago i'm coming home to find pakkun has peed and pooped outside of the box, he's remarking his territory inside the house. i don't understand why he's doing it.

    Please i need your help guys before it gets out of hand.


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    Go back to square 1 with Pakkun. Treat him as if he were a puppy. Take him to his pad several times a day when you know he should need to go, and praise lavishly with a super treat every time he goes where he should. Make sure you clean up all accidents thoroughly so he can't smell them. If you crate trained him, then go back to using the crate for a while.

    Try limiting their interactions to Arya's floor rather than Pakkun's.

    Pug play can appear rather vicious and alarming. if they are not seriously growling, biting or causing damage to one another then you may not have much to worry about. Just make sure you supervise them closely and separate them if things start to get out of hand. Arya is still very new and it will take a while for things to calm down and for them to get used to one another.

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    It's not at all uncommon for an older dog to revert in their toilet training on the introduction of a new puppy - just means you go through the same training routine again with them as you did when they were puppy and normally they get clean again pretty quickly.
    Your situation is a bit different though in the way that you are segregating the two dogs into separate rooms on separate floors. For sure you are being very sensible in supervising their time together, but I'd suspect this total segregation is causing an upsurge in the excitement level every time you bring Arya downstairs - and Pakkun is still quite young himself at just two years old. Personally I'd have a large play crate for Arya in the same room as Pakkun and not keep separating them like this. Do some work with him to teach him to leave or sit on command to prevent him being too rough with her. Ensure that he can jump up onto something out of her way if he needs to and watch carefully for signals that he is getting fed up with her leaping at him and either distract her away from him or put her in the crate or behind a babygate where they can still see each other for time out.

    Looking forward to seeing some photos of them! :)

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    I like having my guys together......where the older one can always go see the younger one.

    I don't crate my big guys to play with the young one..........I supervise. If it gets too rough (usually the younger one going after the older one) I redirect. My older ones also know to go to the couch where a baby cannot get!!!!

    Good luck to you!
    Shayna Pugs
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    I am no expert on puppies, but though I do understand keeping the puppy safe while you are gone, I completely agree with keeping them together, but one in a crate as has been suggested.
    While you are home, they need to get used to each other, learn to play as well as sleep and cuddle together. I have never seen 2 pugs that did not get along. the more they are separate the more intense they will be at the 20 minute play periods.
    We used to race horses for many yrs. At the track they are kept in stalls 23 hrs per day, just going out to gallop and then cool walked.
    When they come home for the winter they tear around the field for about one day, and then settle in and graze, relax, and enjoy the company of others.
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