Should I crate train my pug?
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Thread: Should I crate train my pug?

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    Question Should I crate train my pug?

    Alright, so I got my newest addition about 3 days ago. He is my first dog so I am a little new to this.I have a few questions about crate training, though. Here is my thing,

    I have 2 cats and the cats and the puppy have been getting along great. They play together and my cats have almost adopted the pug themselves. We have attempted to crate train at night but he wines literally all night. I don't think he is even sleeping because he is exhausted when I let him out in the mornings. He is not going to be alone that often. Maybe 20 hours a week at the most. some weeks he will have someone home constantly. (my fiancé and i are on opposite work schedules)

    I have experimented a bit over the past few day. When I leave him contained he cries. But when I leave him out he is fine, even if i am not there. I am assuming it is because he has the cats. Is it wrong of me to crate him if I don't crate my cats?

    I originally didn't want to crate him, but right now because he is not potty trained yet I feel like I have to.

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    YES!!!! Always crate train!!!!!! It's safe for them to ride contained in a car. It's safer until housebroken and through the chewing stage.....and at some point....there will be a stay at the vets however short! They stay in cages there!!!!! My sister learned the hard way! She refused to crate train......and then her beagle tore her curciate ligament and needed crate rest!!!! Wasn't used to a crate, so they had to put up a gate....which gave her too much room. She took forever to heal and put too much stress on the other leg and that ligament tore also!

    After she lost her dog, she got two pups!!!! Started with crates....and then put the crate in an xpen. They are almost 7 yrs old...and when they know she's going away, they go into the xpen by themselves and wait for cookies!!!!

    Mine have crates in the kitchen. The doors are always open...and I often find them sleeping there either alone or with another!!!!

    Please crate train!
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    Yes, always crate train. :)

    The first few/several times will be rough with the whining. I always made sure Allybug had a toy and I would give her a small treat when I put her in the crate. She is 4 yrs old and I still have her in the crate. She sleeps in there at night and stays in it while I work. I do not fully trust her yet. (accidents) She will not potty in her crate when she is in there while I work however I have left her in my room when I've been gone for a couple/few hours and she has peed and pooped. SO she stays in the crate when I am not home.
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