When to trust pug to sleep out of kennel
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Thread: When to trust pug to sleep out of kennel

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    Default When to trust pug to sleep out of kennel

    I have a 5month old pug named Zola. She has a doggy door that her older brother taught her to use. During the day She runs free on the main floor with her brother since she uses the doggy door, at night we put her in her kennel. When did you guys trust your pugs to sleep out of kennels? My fear is she will wake up with the need to potty and will be too lazy to go downstairs to use the dog door. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you.

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    When I feel my guys are house broken and won't play in bed with the other dogs.......I try them in my bed! If they don't settle or get off the bed...I warn twice. Third time is back into their crate by the bed. It usually doesn't take long to learn bed is for sleeping. As for the age...each dog is different!
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    My pug Eldo still sleeps in his crate every night and he will be 5 years old in April! It really depends on the dog and their maturity, I guess a rule of thumb would be as long as they can sleep peacefully/settle down and not cause havoc through the night they are ready? I don't know haha :) does your other dog sleep out of his kennel? If so, the puppy might be able to learn from him a little bit as to how to behave at night--but of course, that may not be the case. Good luck!!

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    Hard to remember now, but I think Xanthe was about 4 months old. My criteria was that she could safely get up and down off my bed, up until then she'd slept in a cat carrier beside my pillow on my bed. I had a baby gate across my bedroom door for quite a while though until I was certain she could get down the stairs safely, but she never did get off the bed without waking me first on the odd occasion that she needed to go out.

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