Housetraining nightmare
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Thread: Housetraining nightmare

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    Exclamation Housetraining nightmare

    I just bought a new pug puppy. He is a male and is 6 months old. Today is day 2 of him being here in his new home. Since I have had him, no matter what I do or what time I take him out, he will NOT use the bathroom outside. He will come straight back in the house, after being out for hours, and use the potty in the house. I crated him last night as he did not whine or throw a fit at all. The only thing was that when I woke up, I was astounded at the sight. He had peed and pooed all over the crate. The crate is not too big. I had placed a pillow inside for him to sleep on, which was covered in feces and urine. I imediately took him out of the crate and outside, while I cleaned the mess. He still hasn't used the bathroom outside. Any suggestions?

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    Did the person you bought him from offer any clues as to his potty habits? At 6 months old I would have expected a previous owner to have made some progress regarding training.

    As pugs tend to go where they have been before you need to clean up all inside soilings very thoroughly indeed with something that will remove the smell so even a puggy nose can't detect it. I use Simple Solution. You might consider placing some feces outside where you do want him to go, rather then clearing them all away. That might help. Also taking him to a public place where other dogs will have done pees might help. At 6 months he will have a big urge to mark where other dogs have been and you can use that to your advantage by praising the heck out of him and giving him brilliant treats for any performance outside.
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    I'll bet he was crated all or almost all his life!!!!

    I would get a few xpens (google them) Put one in the yard ...and put him in. Use words.....go make go potty...whatever...and PRAISE and TREAT each time he goes! Also treat when he comes in and has gone potty outside!!! NO PLAYING outside. Outside at this time is only for going potty!

    Is he neutered?? If not, get him neutered....he might already be marking!

    When you bring him in...put a belly band with a pad on it or a disposable one from the pet store. Only let him run the house when you know he's gone outside. Also put a leash on him and only let him be near you! A gentle "no" right now...outside and take him outside. Does no good to punish him as he has no idea what outside is for.
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    You've been given some very good advice above, what I'd add to that is you have to go right back to the beginning with housetraining him as if he were a tiny puppy. He may have had some housetraining before, but the change of home is a HUGE upset in his life and he is still very much a baby so it's back to basics. You'll find absolutely loads of Internet articles on this subject to help you.

    The other thing that you need to consider is a possible health issue. Have you had him checked over by your vet yet? If nothing else you'll need flea,tic and worming products - apart from possibly Drontal for worming, I really wouldn't recommend that you give him anything that you'd buy in a pet shop. The safest and most efficient products are all only available on a veterinary prescription. Your vet will also want to discuss pet insurance, diet, neutering and future vaccinations with you so make sure that you take his vaccination certificate with you.

    Please let us know how you get on :)

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