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    Question Chewing on Baseboards

    For the most part Romeo has been very good about knowing what he can and cannot chew on, however recently he's taken to chewing on the corners of baseboards around our apartment. He's super sneaky about it and I RARELY catch him in the act so its hard to discipline him/get him to stop.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent him from chewing on specific things? I've thought about rubbing fingernail polish remover on the corners because it tastes disgusting lol, but I don't know if that's a great idea.

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    Thankfully I have never had chewers (at least on non toys). They sell stuff called bitter apple, I put it all over Murphy’s leash because Lolli was constantly biting it and pulling him along and it worked. Might try that or at least make sure he has plenty of fun acceptable things to chew on. Good luck.
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    For some, the bitter apple doesn't work! No polish remover....poison!!!

    you can try some hot sauce.....maybe!

    Best thing to do is not let hiim out of your sight til he gets through this phase.
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