8 month old has started waking in the night
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Thread: 8 month old has started waking in the night

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    Default 8 month old has started waking in the night

    We have an 8 month old male puppy, who has been with us since he was 8 weeks old. He’s already a lot calmer than at the beginning, and almost since the start was able to sleep through the night. Recently though he’s been waking up early (3/4am), crying, howling etc, and we aren’t sure what to do. This morning I held out until 6am after two hours of crying, but we live in an apartment so a crying puppy isn’t something we can expect our neighbours to accept. Has anyone else has this issue with older pug pups? If so, how long did it last for and how did you manage it? For info, he gets about 1.30-2 hours of walks a day, and sleeps in the kitchen (he’s never been in the bedroom with us). Thanks!!

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    Hello and welcome to PugVillage!
    I don't have any advice to share that would help, but I wonder if it's an "age thing" or a growing phase? I remember seeing other posts here on PugVilllage with people having similar issues, but I don't recall what they did to solve it. My guess is that most people just "wait it out" and ignore the behavior until the pug gives up. But as you said, that won't work well in an apartment building!
    Is he waking up so early because he wants to eat? If so, maybe feed a small snack before bed?
    Wants attention? The best solution would probably be to ignore so that you do not "reward" the undesirable behavior.
    Needs to potty? If he needs to potty, then the solution may be as simple as picking up his water bowl in the early evening and making sure he has one more potty break just before bedtime.

    Good luck and I hope someone else will chime in with advice for you.
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    The only things I can think of is if he’s a bit late cutting his adult molars and that’s causing discomfort as they break through, or he’s hearing or seeing something you aren’t aware of in the kitchen before he’s barked enough to wake you up.

    So the best I can suggest to try is a vet check to ensure he’s not got any health issues and put a webcam in the kitchen with a record function so that you can check for sure that nothing is disturbing him.

    Erm.... I suppose I should mention the other possibility that he’s just decided that he wants to sleep with his pack - ie you - most pugs do feel quite strongly about this
    Hope you sort it ok
    Bree, Xanthe and Darwin

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    I wonder if someone else is the building is either coming home or leaving???

    I live in an old house without much insulation. For a long while, something was going on between 4 and 4:30 around my house. I'd wake up and so would the dogs. When I woke up, I didn't hear anything...but it was enough to wake us all up. I sleep with my 4! Since Covid...it seems to have stopped.

    You might want to put him in the bedroom......
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    Is he neutered ?
    Are you taking him out to pee at that time ?
    Did you switch anything In his routine? Food ? People or schedule?

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    Hello and to PugVillage. Glad you have joined us. Pugs were bred to be companion animals and they take that very seriously. He may just want to be with you. My companions do not sleep in my bed but their beds are right next to mine. So if you don't want him in your bed a crate or bed next to yours may stop the howling and crying.
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