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    Default Pictures

    Cannot get the paper clip picture The following errors occurred:

    E29A581D-3433-43EC-8105-1E1BE52035BE.jpeg: Your file of 1.55 MB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 244.1 KB for this filetype.
    this is what I get
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    I'm sorry I missed this message when it was posted... just seeing it now. That message is basically telling you that the picture/file you want to upload (via the paperclip attachment) is too large. There are a few options you can try:
    1. Make the file size smaller by either reducing the size of the photo or reducing the quality. You can do this with most photo editing software
    2. Upload the picture to a photo sharing site, such as IMGUR, Shutterfly, Facebook, etc. then share or embed the link for the photo
    3. You can try using an App to upload pictures from a cell phone. A lot of PVers use Tapatalk and they say it's quite easy to use for sharing pics.
    4. You could send the photo to me at the Card Exchange email [email protected] and I will either re-size it so you can upload it or I can post it for you. If you send it to me, just let me know which you would like done. I'm happy to help.

    I'm sorry it's so difficult to share pictures. I wish there was a much more simple option available.

    Edited.... GAH! I just realized this post is a YEAR OLD!!! OOPS! I thought I just missed it a couple of days ago and that perhaps you were wanting to post a picture of sweet Macie. So sorry.
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