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    Default How to join

    I am very rusty on how I found this site. Someone I know who is very knowledgeable about the breed is interested in joining and I must admit I have no idea how I got on. Will do the trick? She would be a decided asset to the village and I hope we can figure out a way so she can join. Thanks folks

    Oh yes, Lulu, who is now 16 yrs. and 3 months plus, is doing well and enjoying life. She's irritated at me right now because she wants to eat NOW with no delay. When I go to the potato chip door, she pushes her old body right in there, lips smacking, anticipating her rare treat of a potato chip. She keeps the other away too while the door is open. She's a jewel and I hope will be with me for a long, long time. It's time to buy 180 senior vitamins for her use
    Joanne and now Pugless. My heartdog, Lulu Pug, waits at the Bridge along with Josie and Jasmine, Boston Terriers, Annie, Phoebe and Buffy Pugs, all rescues except for Josie and Lulu. I miss you all so much, my little furry friends. You are living always in my heart and mind. Slumber on, girls. Now living with Ivy, a Boston Terrier, Sassy, rescue Papillion/Doxie. and Ginger, my funny Doxie rescue.
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    I'm pretty sure that when you use that address it goes to the first page and then there's somewhere to click to enroll. I know you can read posts and search the site without joining but to post you have to join. Have her just try it, I figured it out so it couldn't be too hard

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    Default takes you to the main content area of the site. Plenty of links there leading to the forum, but will take one straight there...uh, here.

    From there, there is a welcome greeting displayed at the top of the forum with a link to follow to register.

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    Hi Joanne,
    I am so happy to hear about Lip-Smacking little Miss LULU.
    I am so in love with my senior pugs.
    pug hugs to you.

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