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  1. Brought Beans to the Dermatologist

    Hello everyone!
    I tried to post a few days ago and I guess my whole post is lost so I'm getting kinda frustrated and will keep this short (also in case my post is actually out there somehwere and I...
  2. Eliminating allergies before MRI

    The only problem is I have received multiple opinions. I am going to take him to an allergist to eliminate that possibility as well. I'm trying to be practical but also persistent. I know that...
  3. Reply & Update on Beans

    to fredsmom: the vet I have been seeing also suggested allergies. How long has your guy been on this new food? I'm curious to know because I am thinking of doing the same with Beans.

    to Cathy and...
  4. Right Side near Ear Hurts - vets dont have an answer! Help please!

    Hello all!
    I will try to make this quick and would appreciate any thoughts!

    Quick Background:

    I posted recently thinking that Beans had Syringomyelia (not very common in pugs but he showed...
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