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Thread: Senior pug nightmares???

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    Thank you for your post. I am very happy to say that Peanut is still with us and his health hasn't really changed much in the past year (he's now 14!) He does still have screaming bouts, which I'm convinced are NOT seizures, but even after more than a year, it hasn't gotten worse and he's not doing worse physically or mentally. I do think it may have something to do with lack of oxygen- I just recently found out (after all these years!) that he has an elongated palate which explains A LOT from his youth. But at his age, it would be WAY too dangerous for him to undergo surgery so we just try to keep him happy and comfortable, which we seem able to do at this point. Because of his throat issues, he does cough a lot, sometimes all through the night, which breaks my heart. Our new vet (whom I LOVE) told us there's nothing that can really be done that would be safe, but suggested that we give him Children's Benedryl when he starts coughing. We use the Walgreen's dye-free brand and were giving it to him using a syringe-like dropper, but now he just licks it out of a bowl (he has a healthy appetite to say the least). It does help him sleep and at his age, the doctor told us we can give it to him as often as is needed. Plus it's much more affordable than any meds a vet would usually prescribe. Oh and we've also got him back on Rimadyl for his arthritis and he's a very happy pug now.

    So the screaming hasn't changed, but he's not worse and he's very happy (wags his tail/butt a lot, eats a lot, follows me everywhere), so I guess we'll just have to get used to it..... As long as my Peanut is happy~

    I hope your sweetie can be happy and comfortable too! Please keep us updated~

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    How is Peanut's heart? If he has a murmur and/or enlargement sometimes that will cause fluid to back up into the lungs (Congestive Heart Failure). If so sometimes a little lasix and benazapril is all he might need to feel a lot better.

    For the collapsing trachea, breathing issues, you might consider having the vet prescribe Hycodin syrup for you to give to him when he has a coughing fit, also a bronchiodialator like theophylline or aminophylline, an expectorant (guaifensen), and prednisone given when a coughing fit starts is often a lifesaver, breaking the vicious cycle of coughing/inflammation/more coughing/more inflammation.

    I have many seniors and special needs pugs here and have gone through this many times.

    Sometimes a bit of potassium bromide will help with the old dog sleep seizures, sometimes not. It's worth a shot.

    Take care,
    In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

    - Mohandas Gandhi

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    So glad Peanut is not screaming anymore. My older pugs do not scream in their dreams but they sure spasm and move around like they are having action packed adventures.

    I have one pug Elmo (8) the youngest that screams when he is awake, I can make him kinda sing/scream by playing with him and having fun. If you google screaming pugs you will see some that are awake and scream as well so you are not alone, pugs DO scream so don't worry. Once I can post videos I will upload some of him you will be amazed what a soprano he is!

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    My Toddy (now aged 3) wakes up from his sleep screaming. It does not happen often, but when it does the sound is blood-curdling. He also looks very anxious and immediately goes to attack Snifter. Thankfully Snifter is very laid back about it all.

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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