Can anyone share experiences with teeth extraction
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Thread: Can anyone share experiences with teeth extraction

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    Default Can anyone share experiences with teeth extraction


    I have an 11 year old pug, I got him as a rescue about 3 years ago and he is my favorite creature in the universe. Anyways, my vet at our last visit suggested a dental cleaning and tooth extraction because she said he had one that was in very bad shape and stated that he was probably having a pretty bad tooth ache all the time and it could lead to other health problems down the line, etc. I had the senior blood work done and everything came back okay and the vet said he was a good candidate for anesthesia. Despite all this I am really really worried about putting him under. If anyone has any encouraging words/positive experiences, I'd love to hear them! I know it's best for my lil guy and I'm being paranoid but I'm so worried about the procedure!


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    Just had two of our pugs, both age 11, in for a dental cleaning and extractions. Both handled the anesthesia just fine. One of them had a tooth that had a very long, very infected root and when it was removed it made a hole between his mouth and nasal cavity which caused some issues (gross pus coming out his nose to be graphic) but it healed within about 10 days and he's fine. The other one did just great and had 4 teeth removed. His breath before that could fell an elephant. It was the worst dog breath I had ever encountered (we had just adopted him). But after the cleaning, his breath is not noticeable at all!
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    My Vivian who was 11 last year had a dental and had an infected tooth pulled, she did great. Definitely get senior blood work done first.
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    I have 1 in right now having a dental cleaning. They had to pull 2 teeth and 1 molar. He made it thru and is now resting. It is a very scary thing to have to do to a pug but most always needs to be done. Good luck with your pugs dental.
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    Hi, last year Peanut, then 13 yo and in good health, had a dental because we were exploring why she had an excessively runny nose. Doctor said her teeth didn't look great and it was a long time since she had a dental (because I'm always scared of anesthesia). She had several teeth pulled and did just fine. She wound up going back and having 2 more pulled a few months later because she still had horrible nasal congestion. She did fine once again with the whole procedure (but personally I could pass out from what she seemed like in the hours after recovery - the trouble with standing, so out of it, and not really wanting to eat).

    It wasn't the teeth after all - turns out she had a MRSA infection! I have my suspicions on how she, mummy's princess pug that doesn't have contact with other dogs, may have gotten it but we'll never know for sure. She did need those teeth out though, they were in bad shape.

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    I have had two pugs undergo teeth extraction and both did well. My second pug is a rescue and has deep seated anxiety about the vets and having to be restrained. Even with a little oral sedation he would not let anyone draw his blood. My vet informed me that it is a 50/50 chance that he may have a problem with anesthesia but that if he didn't have the extraction he would definitely get a serious illness. So we went ahead and I still had her draw his blood. All in all things are fine and he seem's much happier. Give him/her soft food for up to two weeks. If he eats dry food you can moisten it with a little chicken broth, nuke in mirco and let it cool then serve him. Its a real treat.

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