Herniated disc with anxiety problems .
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Thread: Herniated disc with anxiety problems .

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    Default Herniated disc with anxiety problems .

    My 12 year old Pug Winston has a herniated disc. He is not a surgery candidate due to a heart murmur and collapsing trachea . He's been on crate rest for a month and has been getting accupuncture and cold laser. He takes his last dose of prednisone tomorrow. He's normally a very mellow boy but this last two weeks we are seeing some anxiety. Vet thinks could be the prednisone causing it . We've tried everything , Chinese herbs to relax him , dap spray , tons of chews and kongs. He has a cart coming Wednesday and we have the Hold me up harness . Any ideas on how to help the anxiety and my sanity would be much appreciated .
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    what about rescue remedy? I haven't tried it, but I've heard it's very good. Also they have t-shirts that are calming.....they may be called thundershirts because sometimes dogs get anxiety during a thunderstorm

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    We had one in rescue years ago. She was younger and the vet wanted to do surgery. Our chairperson took her to a vet/chiro. She went weekly, then every other week...then every month......was adopted out....went twice a year....and then only once a year.......Did really well! He did an adjustment first and then acupuncture. Not sure if chinese herbs were involved as he did those too.

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    I second the idea of trying a Thundershirt. We've had mixed results here, but it may be worth a try. The Thundershirt doesn't seem to do anything for Nilla, but it does help calm Wonka when he's anxious during nail trims.

    I hope the anxiety clears when the prednisone is done. Sending best wishes and healing vibes for Winston.
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