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Thread: May you RIP, my little man, my Mr. Fudgie! February 9, 2005-March 15, 2017

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    I'm so sorry!!!!

    We all do things differently.....and sometimes differently than we did before!!!! I know I've learned a lot through the years!!! There is no wrong time!!! You knew your baby better then anyone...and you made the best decision for him at the time! Wheels etc, woud not have changed his choking!!! Will you try wheels when you get another dog if it's needed??? Maybe...maybe not!!! Pug hugs!
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    I'm sorry for your loss. Your boy sounds like a special soul. I believe you did the right thing, please don't 2nd guess yourself. You're grieving, and that's one of the stages you go thru. We all understand your pain......hugs. And when you're ready, we would love to hear more about him. Talking about him keeps his memory alive and it helps......
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    I know exactly how you feel as i put my female pug ( Starr) down just 1 month earlier ( Feb 6, 2017). She just turned 16 in December.

    Similar to your pug, my girl lost her ability to walk in hind legs. She had been leaking urine for about a year. She just wasnt herself. On top of the leaking/ rear leg control, she developed pnemonia and bronkitis from a small wheeze 2 weeks prior. This ultimately led to her inability to generate sufficient oxygen and her breathing declined.

    The oxygen situation was too much for her and was crying because she couldnt breathe 100%.
    In her last days i rushed her to the hospital where she was admitted for a week and was living in an oxygen cell.

    Over the years, i helped her through cancer 2x at ages 4 and 6. She was paralyzed at age 9 and i nursed her back to regain leg strength in her hind legs. Within 6 months she was walking again.

    STARR girl was a fighter.

    So once again i figured i could nurse her back to health. I ordered an oxygen machine to be delivered by amazon but didnt receive a delivery date. I also ordered a portable oxygen cage to put her in incase she needed some oxygen rehab.

    I knew i had to get her home and start the rehab. Thats when it all went downhill fast. The hospital sedated her for the ride..... All was nice. I got her home and she was fine for a few hours. Then she smelled her tuna fish dinner i had for her. She ate the whole can and her breathing got out of hand. She was crying and my small temporary oxygen unit wasnt sufficient. I actually held a face mask up to her nose thinking for the 1st time in 16 years that " I wouldnt be able to help her this time".

    It was the one second that i wish i could take back. It all happened so fast....

    I ended up rushing her to the local vet to be put down...... She cried the whole way but never passed out.
    If my head was clear, all i had to do was put an oxygen mask on her and she would have had another chance instead of putting her down.
    She looked into my eyes like she did for 16 years but this was the last time and that was it - Starr was gone.

    I know your pain....

    Worst of all
    The very next day at 9am, the larger oxygen machine with rehab tent arrives.... it was surreal.....
    I know my girl had a chance to strengthen her lungs back and at 16 it would take a little bit longer than normal.....

    I will never know

    But as i had more time to think since her passing, i realized the slow decline in her health. The gradual aging process was taking its toll. For the last few years she lost all hearing and could only see through 1 eye. I really thought just weeks before her passing that she would be here for a full 20 years.I am one of the lucky ones to have my pets last longer than normal. ( A 27 year old bird - a 19 year old dog as a kid). My girl was with me all day - everyday with the type of work i do.

    It isnt easy- just take deep breathes and think of the happy times, im sure there are many. For me the anxiety is so off the chart, sometimes when i find myself going over the scenario again and again, i have to just shut it down and think about something else.
    Mr Fudgie seems like he was going through what many pugs go through including my girl. The body was breaking down.

    The last thing I would like to share is this. I had several dogs growing up as a kid. We let them all die naturally and what i always said i would do with my Starr is not put her down. I felt it should be natural. But it is a horrible process to witness and in her last minutes gasping for air, my decision was based on doing what was best for her.

    Hope this helps - it helped me also

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    So sorry about Mr. Fudgie. He was obviously well loved, and that's what counts... as time passes, your memories of him will expand to include all your happy times. Hang in!

    And Pugownernj, PLEASE don't beat yourself up about Starr. I have experience with the oxygen concentrator; kept my Chainsaw alive between and after his six airway surgeries with it... but if your Starr was at that point, so compromised that she went into crisis just from excitement about eating, it would not have been enough to soothe her stress and suffering. Holding the mask to their faces is very stressful in itself and still it is just a stopgap measure. With that narrow of an airway, you were right to let her go. And again, with time, your happy memories will come to the foreground.
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    I am so sorry for your loss! I think all of us on here as pug lovers always make the right decisions in the end for our babies. We all do what we can in our own situation so do not beat yourself up with the "what ifs" I did that for a long time with Gypsy and I have come to terms that I did what I possible could and will do the same for Emma, Brody and Lyla when the time comes. Hang in there!
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    I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my Zoe in December. She had lost the ability to walk and control of her bladder after what I believe was a botched bladder stone surgery. She lived as a happy girl. she could get around some but I was her main transportation. I did not mind the constant clean up. I believe when she left this world in my arms she knew how much she was loved.

    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

    ~Maya Angelou

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