Old Man Louie - Behavior Changes
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Thread: Old Man Louie - Behavior Changes

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    DefaultOld Man Louie - Behavior Changes

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and I'm becoming increasingly concerned about my 10 year old Pug, Louie. I'm looking for possible solutions or suggestions about my best friend.

    I'll start by mentioning that Louie always used to sleep under the covers with me in my bed (with the exception on hot summer nights). About a week or so ago, he started to refuse to sleep with me in or even on the bed. He won't even snuggle on the couch anymore. Instead of sleeping, he paces throughout the day and night.

    He has the typical pug appetite, continues to enjoy our walkies, and continues to have a happy-go-lucky attitude. I'm at a loss, and maybe some of you have ideas about this sudden behavior change. Thanks!

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    I am always cautious with any changes in dog behavior .
    First I check if I changed anything in my dogs environment or routine . Of this is not the case I go to the vet for a throughout check up . Pacing at night seems to me certainly something I would want the vet to check .

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    I agree! It sounds like Louie needs a checkup at the vet to make sure nothing is going on that might have caused this sudden change. Pacing at night could be due to pain, possibly doggie dementia... lots of other things.
    Sending best wishes for Louie. I hope you find an easy solution and that he is back to normal soon.
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    A Vet visit is definitely in order but my first thought was Sundowner Syndrome. A quick Google search brings this up: "Sundowner Syndrome In Dogs. ... In dogs with canine cognitive dysfunction, Sundowner Syndrome can lead to confusion, restlessness, agitation, repetitive pacing, barking for no apparent reason, irritability, or neediness (causing otherwise independent dogs to become “velcro dogs” as night approaches). I hope you will update us with what you find out.
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    My Snifter had Canine Cognitive Disorder. In his case we did not have night time issues, but I have read that it is common. In his case he would space out and get "lost" in the house or garden just standing staring at a wall. There are drugs that can improve things - Snifter was on vitofyllin and it worked wonders for quite a while. At the age of 10 I would think the onset of CCD is definitely a possibility but you should consult the vet.

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    Thank you everyone for your concern and suggestions. I appreciate it.

    I spoke with the vet, and Louie is most likely experiencing Sundowner syndrome. The vet recommended going on longer walks in the evening, benadryl before bedtime, and keeping the house very well lit during the daytime. I followed the vet's advice, and Louie didn't pace at all last night. He even slept on the bed throughout the night! I'm hoping that last night wasn't a fluke, but if it is, the vet recommended medication.

    Thanks again for everyone's suggestions!

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    I'm so glad to hear that you got good results after trying a couple things! I hope it continues!
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