Bleeding gums and tooth removal
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Thread: Bleeding gums and tooth removal

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    Default Bleeding gums and tooth removal

    Our pug is 11 and in pretty good health over than his teeth. He has what we assume is pretty advanced dental disease. I wish we would have taken care of his teeth when he was little because I hate the idea that he might be in pain. He is eating fine and doesn't seem to be in discomfort but we've noticed blood on the blanket we keep in his bed and on my daughter's comforter where he sleeps at night. He licks constantly (his paws, his bed, the air). I guess my questions is if anyone has had this with their pug. I know he's too far gone for a teeth cleaning and I'm scared of the vet putting him to sleep but I'm afraid his teeth will need to come out. And if that is the case, how does he eat? Boss is the first dog I've ever had and the center of our lives. Any advice would be helpful!

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    He never had a cleaning or x rays of his teeth ?
    There is no way of telling what the issue is until you see a veterinarian or better pet dentist.
    How they eat with no teeth? Easy you water down their food . Besides dog jaws are super strong .
    My Bruno was burn with teeth missing and had no problem eating .

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    Stormy only has a few teeth left....and she chews bully sticks! They manage!!!!

    If you don't get it done, the infection could cause more problems than just with his mouth! I'd get his teeth cleaned! You have to call the vet and tell them he's bleeding. Hopefully, they will consider him sick and will be able to see him. He might need antibiotics before he has a dental!

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    The vet would need to take a look and probably do x-rays to determine how bad the teeth are. I understand your fears about having Boss put under anesthesia. Most of us dread that! You can ask your vet to do pre-anesthesia blood work to help decide if he is healthy enough to undergo dental surgery.

    The good news is that pugs still manage to eat just fine, even with a bunch of teeth missing! If needed, you can wet/soak any kibble type of food to soften it or just feed a wet food, liked canned or re-hydrated food.
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    Definitely get him checked. Any chronic infection causes other issues.
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