Is 15 "old" for a pug?
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Thread: Is 15 "old" for a pug?

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    Default Is 15 "old" for a pug?

    If we can believe that one dog year equals 7 human years, our darling pug, Tiny, is now 105. Her sight is failing, she sometimes has difficulty standing, but her appetite is as healthy as ever. Tiny has had skin problems but thankfully a course of antihistamine/cortisone tablets helped and we now give her half a tablet every second day. No more sticky skin, nasty ears or unpleasant odours. I put liquid tears in her eyes daily and this has helped keep them clear. Tiny doesn't mind any of this attention as it mean a treat afterwards. Bill is convinced she has a clock tucked away in her kennel as she appears around 3 o'clock each day for her doggy choc.

    Are there any special needs for a senior pug other than lots of cuddles and keeping a closer eye on their health issues? Summer will be a trying time for her as she doesn't like the heat (who does?) but she has plenty of cool areas to lie in. We make sure that Tiny's water bowls are always full of fresh water as she does enjoy a drink.
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    It really depends on the pug. For some pugs, 15 is very old and for others it's just the start of the typical senior ailments. I suppose it's like humans. At 80, some people are very active with only a few minor health complaints while others are in a nursing home or struggling with a multitude of health woes.
    It sounds like Tiny is doing pretty well overall for her age. I've heard of pugs living to the age of 20-21. And here on PV, Suri's Bo recently celebrated his 17th birthday!!
    All that said, sadly, we lost both Wonka and Nilla between year 15-16... Nilla was just 4 months shy of turning 16 and Wonka was 3 months past his 15th birthday. But both of them had ongoing medical issues at that age which it sounds like Tiny doe snot have.

    As for special needs: ask your vet about any additional bloodwork that she might need make sure on her heart, kidneys, etc. are functioning well. Our vet does a "senior wellness blood panel." Otherwise, just monitor her quality of life and make sure she's not experiencing pain or other issues. And love her with all your heart, spending special time together with lots of cuddles. Cherish these silver years.
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    As Amy has said, it depends on the pug. “Sugar “ Ray passed at twelve and Minni’s health has declined precipitously in her twelfth year. I think that her issues are more pancreatitis/ diabetes caused than age, per se. Oscar Wilde Thang is a young eleven. I know a lot of pugs that make it into the late teens, just not ours so far.

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    A friend of mine always said "They normally live 12 years and anything beyond that is a bonus." Many of the pugs I've known have made it to 14 / 14-1/2.
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    Our Lucky is 15y 3months. He had skin issues when we lived in Buffalo, but that went away when we moved to Homestead Florida 5 years ago. He does get the Tear eye drops daily, plus a steroid for his breathing. The Vet says he can still see and hear, but I'm not sure sometime. Maybe it's just him being selective, lol. He gets his vet check every year, walks twice a day and isn't over weight. He does sleep a lot more now and much more soundly. Lucky still likes to play occasionally, but boy does he like to keep his schedule! He's like a Timex watch. We are going to bring him back to the Vet, been noticing he gets up a little slower now and prefers to stand once up. Probably joint pain from arthritis. A bit more fixated on food now also. Lucky's dad lived till 21, not sure about his mom.
    I didn't realize how old he looked, until we adopted a 7-8ish y/o pug 3 months ago, Luigi. The funny thing is Luigi can't keep up with Lucky on walks. Lucky wears him out!

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