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Are Pugs Good with Children?

Animated, energetic and affectionate, pugs are a perfect fit as a family dog and playmate for children. Pugs are enthusiastic about life and spend their days exhibiting a happy-go-lucky attitude. They adapt to situations easily and have the ability to keep up with an energetic child, while also behaving calmly when needed.

Children will find pugs to be a best friend and kind playmate. Pugs have a sturdy build and move out of the way quickly if necessary. They play well with children indoors and outdoors. Pugs are also great family pets for apartment dwellers. They don’t require a lot of exercise and happily live well in small homes. Pugs will participate in games such as fetch and much more; entertaining children for hours. They have a silly side to them, so they fit in perfectly with the most whimsical child. Some children may even prefer to dress their pug up as a super hero and run around the house playfully interacting with each other.

Outdoor fun is also suitable for pugs. While they are sensitive to extreme cold or hot temperatures, they do well in average weather with minimum exercise. Playing outside in the yard, or at a park with children, for short periods of time is suitable outdoor fun for a pug. They do take occasional breaks when they feel tired or overheated, but will soon join in the fun again as soon as their energy level returns. Children can enjoy running, jumping and playing around in the sprinklers with their pug buddy. Pugs are intelligent and do well with obstacle courses and at times, agility courses. Children can set up their own obstacle course in their own backyard, by providing small, safe objects for their pug to jump over or run around. Setting up orange cones and encouraging their pug to run around in them in a zig-zag format while rewarding their pug with a treat at the end, is just one game your children can enjoy playing outdoors with their pug buddy.

Pugs make excellent watchdogs. They are loyal and constantly devoted to their entire family. While they are patient with children, family members, and visitors, they do not have a tolerance for strangers who can harm their home or family members. For this reason, pugs will defend and protect their loved ones showing their love and respect for the entire family.
Attention seekers, pugs crave to capture the hearts of their family. They will do funny things like stick out their long tongues in awkward positions and lick their lips repeatedly. They love to show off and will commonly strut around and entertain the entire family. Children especially will find pugs amusing when displaying this clown-like behavior.

A group of children or an only child will find that they have a best friend in their pug. Pugs will follow children around the house like a shadow, constantly providing companionship. Children will treasure their relationship with their pug, frequently finding that they are true family members. Pugs will happily play with children daily, but are also versatile enough to rest next to a child while watching a movie and taking a nap. Pugs can become couch potatoes easily if you let them, so energetic and playful children will also help your pug stay fit and firm.

Children can also learn responsibility by caring for their pug buddy. Pugs tend to shed a lot of hair, so frequent brushing is required. Allowing a child to brush your pug’s hair on a regular basis will benefit both the child and the pug.

You will find that pugs are a positive influence on your children through their display of their true love, companionship and a calm, playful attitude. Children and pugs are a match made in heaven.

Photo credit: Todea/Wikimedia