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Best Collars For Pugs

Oh how we love those adorable little scrunched up faces, don't we? Pugs are affectionate and happy and let's just face it—they're as charming as they can be. We laugh and giggle because of their silly and often mischievous little behaviors and can't get enough pug-snugs.

So when you're looking for the best collars for pugs, you'll want to be sure you have the right fit. Their sweet and smushed up little faces also mean that they are brachycephalic and you want to be sure that if you have a puller, they're not doing more damage to their tracheas. Some Pug Parents prefer Martingale collars (also because they say their Pugs are sometimes little Houidinis who like to back out of collars). Martingale collars can gently give pressure if your Pug tries to escape, but have safety mechanisms to prevent injury.

PetSafe Premier Quick Snap

A Martingale-style collar, it also has a quick-release snap buckle for putting it on and taking it off of your Pug with ease. It's perfect for taking your Pug for walks as it will protect her trachea from any injury if she should pull. The Martingale collar reduces the chances of it slipping off, but the Quick Snap makes it easy to take off if your Pug needs a quick release. The durable nylon is machine washable.

EzyDog Checkmate Collar

This collar by EzyDog is designed to he humanely loose enough for your Pug when you're walking that it won't allow damage to their trachea if there is pull. The strong nylon has reflective stitching sewn in for nighttime walks and Pug parents like it for training purposes with puppies too.

Pawtitas Reflective Dog Collar

We love the fun colors of the Pawtitas line, and we love their commitment to better products for pets. This collar has a sewn-in reflective strip in its neoprene padding, and because it's one solid strip of the rip-stop nylon, it won't tear or rip as easily.

Pawsitive Pet Hemp Collar

Hemp is eco-friendly and oh-so-soft so your Pug can have maximum comfort. They are anti-microbial and anti-odor, and they get softer each time you wash them. And, as an added bonus, every time you purchase a Pawsitive Pet collar, Pawsitive Pets gives a collar to shelter dogs in need. It's a win-win situation!

TutuBella Organic Dog Collar

Another eco-friendly collar, the TuTuBella collar is made of organic cotton canvas and soy and bamboo fibers. It's uber soft but sturdy and stain-resistant. It also has a break-away buckle for ease of use, and it's adjustable for a great fit.

Lovinhouse Studded Leather Collar

We can't get enough of Pugs in these studded leather collars! Because nothing says, "I'm RUFF!" better than a studded collar, does it? This leather collar is soft cowhide and the spikes are for show only, but your Pug will feel like quite the big dog on campus wearing it.

Pet Artist Leather Collar

But if you'd prefer your Pug to be a lover (because let's face it, they're not fighters!), you can check out these leather collars from Pet Artist. They're sturdy but stylish and they're handcrafted with two layers of padded leather.

Link AKC GPS Smart Collar

We love that the Link AKC GPS Smart collar comes in so many sizes to find the perfect fit for our Pugs. And, we love that we can always know exactly where our Pugs are (right to the coordinates) with the GPS feature supported by AT &T's network (with a small monthly fee that starts at $6.95/month) Not only can you keep tabs on your Pug's whereabouts, but you can also get health and wellness info as well as work with training. The Link has a remote activated sound function to do some Pug positive reinforcing.

Sassy Wear Puppy Paws Collar

Pugs like to show their sass and they can do so with Sassy Wear's Puppy Paws collar. This bright colored and cheery collar is adorable and made from sturdy nylon webbing that is sewn by hand. It's an excellent accessory for hanging out with his Pug Pals at the (Dog) park.

Go Tags Personalized Collar

This personalized collar will let everyone know your Pug is in town and ready to break it down. It's adjustable for the right fit and has a side release buckle to put it on and take it off easily since sometimes Pugs can be…well, persistent in what they want. And it's machine washable for easy cleaning and care

Photo credit: Trum Ronnarong/Shutterstock