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Do Pugs make Good Show Dogs?

Pugs make excellent show dogs and shine in the show ring. Their even temper, playful, loving, outgoing qualities shine through creating successful careers as show dogs. Pugs have to meet certain general appearance, size, proportion, substance coat, color, markings, and temperament standards to qualify as a show dog.

General Appearance

Their physical appearance is as important as their behavior and expression. Pugs are required to be black or fawn colored and have a square symmetry that is well proportioned. Their weight should be between 14 to 18 pounds for both male and female pugs. Your pug’s head should be round and large and lacking indentation of the skull. Their dark, large globular shaped eyes should be bold and prominent, exuding an energetic expression when excited and a soft, serene expression when calm. Their wrinkles need to be deep and large. The muzzle should not be upfaced and should have a blunt, square, short appearance and a slight undershot bite with a well defined black mask. Ears should be small, thin soft with a black velvety appearance. Your pug should display a wide chest and be well ribbed up. The neck should be strong and arched slightly. The short back should be level to the high tail set. The coat will appear smooth, shiny, fine and short. Your pug should ultimately present a strong stance exhibiting superior health, dignity and charm.

Dog Show Presentation Training

You will want to either hire a handler or choose to present your pug on your own. Seek out your local dog show trainers, handlers or training classes. A variety of techniques and commands will become highly beneficial during showing and help the handler become bonded with your pug. This will assure your pug has the best knowledge and understanding of what his job is when he is participating in a show.

Grooming Your Pug

Contact groomers who are familiar with dog show presentation. Maintain your pug’s beautiful coat by brushing, bathing and conditioning on a regular basis. Keep their nails trimmed and their paws free from dryness and cracking. Take your pug to the groomers on a regular basis to have his ears cleaned and teeth brushed.

The Judges Role

Judges are experts on the breed they judge. They examine a dog by viewing how he moves when active, closely examines the muscles, teeth, coat texture, teeth and profile to determine if the dog meets the standard description of the breed. Finally after careful review of all of the contestants, the judge chooses the dog that most closely matches the description.

How to get Your Pug Started

Start by joining a local kennel club. Choose a pug breed-specific or an all-breed kennel club. A kennel club is a resourceful place where you can receive excellent agility, obedience and show ring training for your pug. Trainers leading the class will show you training techniques, commands and improve communication between you and your pug. They will also answer any questions and guide you and your pug to success in the show ring. An added benefit is meeting other pet owners and handlers that share your passion and interest for pugs and dog shows. You can also learn techniques and small handling tricks from your club mates as they guide their own pug through training.

Your pug’s personality and ability to show expression through his eyes, face and body are taken into consideration. Pugs are natural entertainers and known as little clowns. Their natural personality traits, charm, dignity and eagerness to please their owners, gives them a great start to becoming a winning show dog.