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Dog Insurance Pros and Cons

You’ve been antagonizing over the decision of whether or not to buy dog insurance. Sure, your puppy may be healthy now, but what about in the future? You can’t predict if your dog will get into an accident or get cancer and require costly treatment. On the other hand, your dog may only require yearly vet visits for many years. So what should you do? Let’s go over a few pros and cons of dog insurance… we hope it will make the decision a bit clearer for you.

• There are lots of dog insurance companies to choose from, and all of them offer a variety of policies and coverage. These policies cover all types of vet care, from annual checkups and immunizations, to long-term treatment and rehabilitation.

• You have to pay for the vet bill out-of-pocket first. Only after you pay are you able to send in the paid bill to get reimbursed.

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