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Ideas for Dressing Your Pug

Your Pug may look at you in wonder when you dress him or her up in clothing. At times, clothing is necessary for dogs, especially during harsh weather conditions. Extreme cold weather should motivate dog owners to dress their Pug in a sweater for added warmth. You may even want to add dog boots if you plan to take your dog for a walk in the snow. This will help prevent dry, cracked paws and the salt from seeping in-between the toes ultimately causing an infection. While clothing such as sweaters and boots may be essential during the winter months, dog owners enjoy dressing up their Pug on occasion and on a normal basis throughout the year. Dressing your Pug in costume is also a great way for children to play with their pet Pug. The following are a variety of ideas for dressing your Pug.

  • Halloween Costumes – There is a wide selection of costumes for Pugs that are usually used for Halloween. But they are also fun to use during the year. Consider dressing your Pug in costumes such as a pirate, ballerina, pilot, Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Daisy duck, Minnie Mouse, superman, batman, spiderman, Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ, Star Wars characters, a witch, ghost, or royalty like or a King or Queen.
  • Animal Costumes – Since Pugs have adorable faces they can wear almost any type of animal costume and look fantastic! Try dressing your pug as a dinosaur, monkey, mouse, elephant, spider, giraffe, bumble bee, butterfly, bear, lamb, sheep, alligator or frog.
  • Holiday Costumes – Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Easter or any other holiday, it is a chance for dog owners to dress up their Pug for the festivities. You can choose to dress your dog in a business suit, tuxedo, dress or gown for the holiday party. They will surely be a conversation starter as your guests enjoy seeing your dog walking around the party in their best outfit! During Valentine’s Day you can choose to dress your dog up in red or as a heart. Easter allows you a variety of costumes such as a bunny, chic or Easter egg. Thanksgiving time can inspire you to dress your Pug in a turkey costume. Christmas costumes that are great for Pugs includes frosty the snowman, an angel, Christmas tree or ornament and mistletoe.

Don’t forget about summer time. While it is not wise to dress your Pug in a costume or any type of clothing that is warm or will cause your dog to get over heated in the sun. There are special summer wear outfits that will make your summer extra fun with your Pug. You can dress your Pug in a bathing suit and allow them to run around outdoors in the sprinklers or swim in a kiddie pool. You can also use outfits as preventative measures from extreme heat. Items such as doggie sandals, hats and sunglasses can protect your Pug from extreme heat. Enjoy dressing your Pug in a combination of outfits and costumes year round.

Photo credit: ann-dabney/Flickr