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Top 10 Female Pug Names

The name you choose for your Pug is more than just what you say when you want your puppy to come – it should also be a reflection of your puppy’s personality and temperament. Choosing a name for your Pug can be tricky because there are so many options to choose from and because, once you make your choice, your Pug will carry that name for the rest of her life. To help you choose the perfect Pug name for your new puppy, consider the list of top ten female Pug names below.

  1. Amber – In addition to being the name for a brown-yellow fossil resin, Amber is also a cute name for a female Pug. The word “Amber” comes from an English word given to the gemstone made from this resin and it can also be a reference to the color of the Pug’s fur.
  2. Bella – Translated from the Italian for “beautiful”, Bella is the perfect name for a Pug because these little dogs are beautiful inside and out. Some may think that Pugs look a little silly with their wrinkled faces but they have beautiful souls and loving personalities.
  3. Dakota – This name comes from a word used by the Native American Dakota tribe and it translates to mean “allies” or “friends”. The name Dakota is perfect for a Pug because as soon as you bring your Pug home, the two of you will be the best of friends.
  4. Honey – The name Honey was originally used as an Old English nickname for a sweet person and the Pug definitely has a sweet personality worthy of such a name. Honey could also be a reference to the golden color many Pugs have.
  5. Lady – Centuries ago, Lady was a female title of nobility and it is the perfect name for a female Pug. When the Pug breed was originally developed, they were bred to act as lap dogs for Chinese nobility so the Pug definitely has a noble heritage worthy of such a name!
  6. Mabel – The name Mabel may seem a little outdated but it brings to mind the picture of a friendly woman with an old soul. The Pug breed is a very old breed and many Pug owners will say that their dogs have old souls.
  7. Precious – The word “precious” is usually used to describe something of great value – it can also be used as a term of endearment for someone you hold dear. Whichever interpretation you choose, Precious is definitely a fitting name for a female Pug.
  8. Sugar – Sugar is sweet, and so is the Pug! These dogs may be small in stature but they are full of life and love. These dogs love nothing more than to shower you with affection and to spend their days cuddled up by your side.
  9. Princess – A title of nobility given to the daughters of kings and queens, the name Princess is fitting for a dog breed with noble heritage. You will come to love your female Pug so much that you may start treating her like a princess!
  10. Zoe – This name translates from the Greek word for “life” and it is an apt name for the Pug, a breed that is never short on energy. Pugs are absolutely full of life and they want nothing more than to share it with you!

Any of these names would be great for a female Pug but you do not by any means need to limit yourself to these choices. Spend a few days getting to know your new puppy and the perfect name might just pop into your head. If you need help thinking of a name, feel free to use one of these top ten female Pug names for inspiration!

Photo credit: Alvin Smith/Flickr