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Top 7 Toys for Pugs

The Pug may not be the most active or energetic breed out there, but all dogs love to play. Playtime is very important for a dog because it not only provides some extra exercise, but it provides mental stimulation and an opportunity for you and your dog to bond. Each dog has his own unique preferences for favorite toys, but the following seven toys are a great place to start with your Pug. Buy your Pug an assortment of toys from this list and then see which ones he likes best!

  1. Outward Hound Plus Snake – This plush snake toy is ideal for Pugs because these dogs tend to enjoy carrying stuffed animals around – they also make for a great chew toy. What makes this toy great for Pugs in particularly is that it doesn’t contain any stuffing for your dog to accidentally ingest or leave scattered all over your house.
  2. Kong Tugger Knots Moose Toy – This toy offers the ideal combination of a plush toy and a tug toy. Taking the shape of a stuffed moose with a rope loop on either end, this toy is great for interactive playtime as well as solo play. Simply grab one end and have your Pug grab the other then enjoy a nice game of tug-of-war.
  3. Pet Qwerks Babble Ball – If you are looking for a unique toy that will keep your Pug engaged during the hours you can’t spend with him, this babble ball is a great option. The small size is perfect for a Pug and all he has to do is give it a nudge to set it wobbling and wagging – it starts automatically and shuts off when your Pug is done playing.
  4. Kong Wild Knots Bear Toy – For a more traditional plush toy, this Kong Wild Knots Bear Toy is a great option for pugs. It comes in a range of different sizes with a soft outer layer of fur and an internal knotted rope skeleton that will satisfy your Pug’s natural instincts for chewing.
  5. Ethical Pet Seek-a-Treat – This interactive toy is perfect for those times when you have to leave your Pug alone or if you want to provide some mental stimulation. This toy consists of several sliding discs which cover holes that you can fill with treats – your Pug simply slides the discs to reveal the prize underneath.
  6. Ethical Pets Skinneeez Raccoon – This stuffed raccoon toy is lightweight and stuffing-free, making it the perfect plush toy for your Pug. It also comes filled with crinkle paper that crunches as your dog’s plays with it, adding a new level of stimulation.
  7. Nylabone Dura Chew – For the Pug who loves to chew, this Nylabone chew toy is the perfect choice. It is small enough for your Pug and comes with an irresistible bacon flavor.

Once you have purchased an assortment of toys from this list, all that is left to do is play with your Pug! If you want to make sure that his daily needs for exercise are met, engage in one or two 15-minute play sessions per day. When you have to leave your Pug at home to go to work, leave him with an interactive toy to keep him actively engaged during your absence – this is the easiest way to prevent your Pug from getting bored and chewing on things you don’t want him to chew on.

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