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10 True Facts about Pugs

Pugs are adorable, loyal and quirky. Many pet parents have welcomed a Pug into their family and home with open arms. They are so lovable that some dog owners have two or more Pugs. Since these kid friendly dogs are increasingly becoming one of the top family pets, you may want to learn a few interesting facts about Pugs.

  1. Originated in China: The Pug dog breed can be traced back in history to China in 400 B.C. They are considered to be the oldest dog breed in the world. Pugs were originally bred to be a lap dog for Chinese Emperors.
  2. Arrived in Europe in the 16th Century: In the 16th Century, Dutch and Portuguese traders introduced the Pug to the Western world. It is known that King William III was a proud owner of Pugs and frequently brought them along to the shores of England. Other famous owners of Pugs include William Hogarth, Josephine Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette.
  3. Brachycephalic: Pugs are famous for their squished face appearance. This is due to their short broad head, which is also referred to as Brachycephalic. This also causes Pugs to snort, grunt and snore.
  4. Not Good Swimmers: Pugs have short legs and experience difficulty breathing from time to time due to their short noses and bronchial airways. This combination makes it uncomfortable for Pugs to swim. Although some Pugs will enjoy splashing around in the water or a brief swim until they tire.
  5. Enjoy Sleeping: Pugs enjoy relaxing and napping. They are known to sleep for up to 14 hours a day. The hours add up sporadically throughout the day and night.
  6. Westminster Kennel Club Winner – In 1981, a 3-year-old Pug won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. This was the first and only time a Pug won the coveted title in a total of 138 years.
  7. Known by a Group Nickname: A group of Pugs is commonly referred to as a "grumble."
  8. Easily Catch Colds: Due to their short noses, Pugs are known to catch colds easily.
  9. Freemasonry Lodge: When the Catholic Church banned Freemasonry, a lodge was formed and named “The Order of the Pug” due to the Pugs ability to be trustworthy and loyal.
  10. Fast Runners: Although Pugs are known for their relaxing lifestyle and love of taking naps and sleeping most of the day away, they actually have the ability to run three to five miles per hour.

If you already own a Pug or you are thinking of welcoming one or more into your family, these interesting facts about Pugs make you sound like a breed expert! Pugs are friendly, sweet, loyal, good with children, playful and have a good sense of humor. There will be many times when they do quirky things that will make you laugh and brighten your life.

Photo credit: rpavich/Flickr