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The Cost of Owning a Pug

One of the least considered aspects of owning a Pug is the actual cost of caring for one. By this, we don’t mean the purchase price, but rather the cost of providing veterinary care for a Pug. It’s impossible to give one concrete figure that will apply to everyone because every dog is different and the cost of veterinary care varies based on geographic location. However, we have created what we feel is a realistic picture of how much it costs to own a Pug, both by year, and over a Pugs lifetime. strongly urges you to consider these costs before you purchase a Pug to ensure that you’re financially able to care for one. You as a person, and Pugs as our lovable dog friends all deserve a high quality of life which should be decreased neither for owner nor Pug due to high veterinary expenses.

None of what you are about to read covers the cost of food, toys and treats. Instead, we decided to discuss veterinary costs that are guaranteed, expected and predicted. Please keep in mind that the numbers we present may be higher or lower, depending on where you live and a whole lot of luck, either good or bad.

According to an informal survey of 100 Pug owners, Pugs average 4 trips to the veterinarian each year, excluding emergency care and visits. Two of these visits, according to our owners, were for routine bi-annual check-ups, which we’ll call preventative care. The other two visits were for a variety of illnesses, infections and assorted routine problems such as urinary infections and ear infections.

So what can you expect from this as far as costs are concerned? You can expect 4 office visit charges, which can cost between $30-$50 each totaling between $120 and $200. Add to this routine annual vaccinations and preventative heartworm testing, at a cost of around $80-$100, bringing our total now to between $200-$300. Assuming that 2 annual visits are for other than preventative care, and instead necessary to care for illness and/or infections, add $50-$75 for at least one blood work-up, and two rounds of anti-biotics at about $35 each. Add it all up for an annual average cost and you have a range between $320 and $445.

While the high end of this range may appear high to you, it’s not at all out of the realm of possibilities if you’re living in a major metropolitan area, and regardless of where you live, it’s best to plan on spending the higher amount. So if you’re considering a Pug and want to know how much the average annual cost of veterinary care is, take the high end of the range and work it into your decision to make sure you are prepared and able to cover these costs.

What about one-time costs? As any Pug owner can tell you, including 72 of the 100 people we surveyed, you’re very likely to face a case of Demodex Mange. Because the percentage of owners reporting encountering Demodex in their Pugs, you should plan on having to face this cost. Expect a $300-$500 bill to take care of the case of Mange which covers the office visits, scrapings and dips used for treatment. If your vet goes another route, and chooses antibiotics and shampoo rather than dips, then the cost of treating Mange will be much lower, however it’s important to note that antibiotic treatment with shampoo is far less effective than the dipping treatment, so you could end up paying for both.

Add the cost of treating Mange to the picture, toss in Spaying or Neutering and you can expect to spend somewhere between $700 and $1,000 to care for your Pug in it’s first year of life.

Far more likely than not, you will also find yourself utilizing emergency care for your Pug at least one time in its lifetime. Be prepared for this possibility, and expect dizzying costs. For a visit to an emergency care office, you can expect an office visit charge of between $150 and $200. In addition, expect a series of tests and x-rays including blood work-ups ($50-$75), advanced blood testing ($100-$150), abdominal x-rays ($75-$100), IV fluids, nourishment and medicine ($30-$60 per day) and the potential for hospital admittance which can cost as much as $50-$70 per day). All of this coming before any treatment, or surgery that may be necessary based on the diagnosis. Depending on what is wrong with your Pug, and how quickly it is diagnosed, emergency veterinary care can run into the thousand-dollar range very quickly.

Can we add all of this up to come to some sort of estimate as to how much it will cost you to own your Pug over its lifetime? Sure we can, and we will:

Expect a first year cost of between $700 and $1,000

Expect an annual cost over 11 years $320 and $445

Expect at least 1 emergency $800 and $1,000

Expect a Total Veterinary Cost of $5,020 and $6895

Average Annual Cost over a 12 year period: $418 and $575

If the numbers seem staggering, they should. It isn’t cheap to own any dog, including Pugs. Our estimates are actually very conservative compared to other estimates such as the Humane Society which estimates that dog owners spend about $1,000 per year to care for their dogs health.

If you are considering adding a Pug to your family, consider this information seriously before you go out and buy one. The two leading causes for Pugs being given up to shelters or Rescue groups are housetraining difficulty and the cost of caring for them.