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Pug Emergencies

It’s 2a.m. and you’re awakened by the horrifying sound of your Pug yelping in agony. Perhaps your Pug is suffering a seizure, or convulsion. Or maybe it fell out of bed, down the stairs or hurt itself somehow…You’ve got an emergency, but are you prepared for it?

This article isn’t about you administering first aid to your Pug. Rather, it’s about being prepared to find your ailing Pug emergency veterinary care. Surprisingly, the majority of Pug owners aren’t prepared when things go wrong, and their vet is closed. The PugVillage hopes people will read this article and take immediate action so that when the time comes that your Pug needs emergency care, and it will happen eventually, that you are ready.

Unless your current Veterinarian is open 24 hours a day, you’ve got some work to do. Nearly all Veterinarians that are not open 24 hours a day, are affiliated with a Veterinary office that is. When something does happen at night when your vet is closed, you will call your vet, hear a message and get the emergency phone number to call. In most cases however, the Vet you end up seeing in case of an emergency isn’t your vet at all, but instead a 24 hour emergency Veterinary office your own vet is affiliated with.

The following are helpful tips with brief explanations that everyone should do right now:

Call your veterinarian’s office when it is closed to find out the emergency number: Not knowing this number wastes time. It’s an extra phone call that could waste precious time. What if the line is busy? Out of order? Or the machine is malfunctioning?

Write the phone number down, and put in a safe place that is easy to find: The less time you have to spend looking for this number, the better. Keep it handy…On the phone, on the fridge, someplace so that it is easily and readily available.

Call the emergency vets office and find out where they are: You’re going to be taking your Pug to this office and you’re going to be in a hurry not to mention perhaps even in a panic. Make sure you know where they are, and how to get there.

Ask the emergency vet office what their hours are: Despite the term “24 Hour Veterinary Clinic”, not all 24 hour veterinary clinics are open 24 hours a day. Some break an hour for dinner, and others have gaps in staff coverage. You’ll want to call this vet before you bring your dog in, and the last thing you’ll need at that moment is to find there’s nobody answering, or nobody available to help you.

Have a backup plan: When things go wrong, they can really go wrong. Because of this, you should have another emergency Vet to contact in case the one affiliated with your own regular vet isn’t available or reachable. They could be at dinner, too far away, inundated with emergencies and so on. Have a backup place to call.

Check em’ out: Most veterinarians choose an affiliate 24 hour office with two things in mind; That they’re reputable, and that they share a similar philosophy of treatment. What the latter means is that your vet will choose an emergency veterinary office that is of like mind to his or her own. They will select vets who would follow similar treatments, have similar temperament, and who share the same methods of evaluation. You should know, in advance, whom you will be dealing with in case of an emergency.

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