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Pug Rescue

Finding a Pug through a Pug Rescue organization is a wonderful way to obtain a Pug. Rescue groups and their affiliates come into possession of Pugs without homes for a variety of reasons. Like any other dog, Pugs can be let loose, given up, lost, behaviorally difficult, sick, old or even caught up in a divorce dispute. Whatever the reason, Rescue Pugs are Pugs in need of homes.


By getting a Pug through a rescue organization, you are saving the life of Pug in the world, and giving it a good, loving home. What better thing to do? Rescue Pugs can be found in all shapes, sizes, physical condition and ages. Some are puppies, others are older. Some are in fine health, others have special care needs. Some are well-trained dogs others need training. Some lived in loving homes, others were abused and traumatized. Some look like they may be show dogs, in fact some are former show dogs. Others still have features that don’t even come close to meeting the breed standard. Whatever the case, they still need homes, and if you’ve got a home, and the desire to open it up to a Pug, we urge you to Rescue a Pug…

As with anything else however, there are a few things you need to know. Most of these things are implied in the paragraph above, which suggests you must be a proper fit for a rescue Pug. If for example you have the financial means to care for an unhealthy Pug or one prone to illness (high and unexpected veterinary costs are a common reason why some Pugs end up homeless), then a Pug in need of frequent veterinary care may be fine for you. If you’re not financially able to care for a Pug of this type, then it’s not a good fit. If you’ve got a knack for training, a Pug in need of training would be a wonderful match. If not, then a rescue Pug that is well trained but very timid might be a better fit. If you’ve got the energy to pick a Pug up and carry it up and down stairs four times a day, a rescue Pug with a bad leg, or one that is blind would be a great match for you.

If you’re not seeking a puppy, and want to avoid the pitfalls of puppy-hood, then this is another fine reason to rescue a Pug, and there are plenty of adult Pugs to be found through these organizations.

We strongly urge everyone out there interested in a Pug to consider Pug Rescue Organizations as source of getting a Pug. By doing so you are helping a Pug in need, and getting a Pug at the same time…We can’t think of anything better than that!