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Just Rewards for Rescuing a Pug

If you are one of the many persons who love dogs, for sure you would purely love a Pug for it is known to be a loyal and loving breed. Pugs are very playful and have very mild temperaments compared to other breeds of dog. Thus they can live well with children. In fact, many Pugs have become a child’s best friend.

If you are still thinking of a specific breed of dog to bring home, getting a Pug will surely give you an opportunity to enjoy the companionship of a happy-go-lucky canine friend who will bring sunshine into your days.

Pugs can be quite expensive. Buying one from a breeder may mean paying a considerable amount of money. If you don’t have the budget, you can always go to dog rescue organizations and animal shelters where Pugs are considered one of the most common “tenants”.

If you have decided to get a Pug, you can always go online for a list of dog rescue organizations in your locality. But you should bear in mind that you may not bring home a puppy. Most Pugs in shelters are way past puppyhood. They may have been given away by their owners who are unable to take care of them or they have been rescued from a life of abuse. They may have been traumatized from a life of starvation and/or physical abuse. These bad experiences may have pushed them to develop negative behaviors. Thus you have to take these matters into consideration before you head right in and pick out your Pug from an animal rescue center.

One major concern that you have to take into account when you are planning to adopt a Pug is the consensus of the other family members. If you have small kids, you should be aware that rescued Pugs may possess negative behaviors that may pose a risk to your very young children. Although Pugs have been known to be good companions even for very young kids, their past experiences may have triggered them to develop bad attitudes and behavior that needs to be corrected with proper care and training.

The personnel of the rescue shelter can be a rich source of knowledge on how to take care of your Pug. Since, the dog has been in their care for a period of time, they may already have an idea on its negative behaviors and how you can possibly deal with it.

The needs of rescued Pugs may be much greater compared to other Pugs. As a consequence of their harrowing experiences, they need people around them with whom they can feel safe and loved. You will also need to shower your Pug with lots of patience, love, and care—emotions and qualities that they have been deprived of in the past.

Even with this knowledge regarding rescued Pugs, you have still decided to open your home to a rescued Pug, you can now start looking for “your Pug”. Pay a visit to dog rescue organizations in your locality and have a look around. Never hesitate to ask questions about their “dog tenants”. Remember, these are the very persons who are dealing with these rescued dogs since day 1 and they possess adequate knowledge and skill in dealing with these troubled dogs. They can also be a fountain of information on what Pug would be best for you to bring home.

Another aspect to take into consideration entails whether or not you are paying for the rescued Pug. Be sure to ask for specific details particularly when you have to be paying for your dog. The average price of a rescued Pug ranges from $200 to $300. The price usually includes the contract, vaccination, grooming services, and whatever services that the dog received while in the shelter. That is just a fraction of the price of a pug puppy from a reputable breeder.

In a way, when you bring home a pug from the rescue shelter, you are giving a chance for a dog to have a wonderful life by giving him a loving home. In return, you will have loyalty and friendship that will last for a lifetime. You will also be a big help to the rescue organization. Indeed, bringing home a Pug from a rescue shelter will certainly have its just rewards.