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Road to Pug Rescue

How does a Pug end up in Rescue?

The obvious answer, which we will expand upon, is that sometimes, if you’ll pardon the expression, people just suck. Bad decisions, acts of unkindness, selfishness, acting in an inhumane manner…People do some bad things, and not every dog owner is a nice person, or even a smart person. But we’ll get to this later.

There are also other reasons why Pugs end up in Rescue, through no fault of the owner whatsoever. There are circumstances in peoples’ lives that may arise which will force someone to give up their Pugs.

Relocation from one home to another where dogs aren’t permitted, such as in apartments for example is one cause. The death of a spouse, loss of a job, a divorce and other major life events that may result in the need for a person to give their Pug up so that it can have a better home. When situations like these arise, rather than bring their beloved Pugs to a shelter, people reach out to Pug Rescue organizations as a means of finding a suitable home for the Pug they truly do not wish to give away. With no-kill shelters usually full, and kill-shelters being unacceptable, Pug Rescue is the obvious choice.

Of course there is the ugly side to how Pugs end up in Rescue. All too often, people don’t do the necessary research before selecting a Pug. Unaware of the down side of Pugs, they often find themselves unhappy with their Pug for many reasons, whether difficulty in housetraining, frequent medical problems or the Pugs clingy personality which is not suited for everybody.

Other times, a Pug owner may create a badly behaved dog by not training it, or even by training it to misbehave whether intentionally or not. Some people get Pugs as gifts for their kids and expect their kids to take care of it without having to work at getting their children to actually take care of the dog. Other people still simply decide that after a few years of dog ownership, they’d rather be free of the responsibility and just decide to get rid of the dog.

Suffice it to say, for whatever reason, many many people treat their dogs like disposable objects and throw them away without hesitation, care or concern for what happens to the dog, or for their own inhumane and selfish behavior.

Pug Rescue organizations exist to help these Pugs end up in loving, appropriate homes. Their efforts are a labor of love to be sure, but the ultimate goal of all Pug Rescue groups is to see a day when there is no longer a need for them to exist.

Photo of Rocco submitted by pug forum member roccosmama.