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Adult Pugs – Are They Trainable?

Having a Pug for a pet can be a challenge for you since it can be as stubborn and independent as it is loyal, loving, and playful. Training them to behave properly can certainly be a handful undertaking and considerably needs your time, patience, commitment, and perseverance. This is especially true you are training is an adult pug.

The task would be much more daunting if you bought it from a dog rescue organization wherein the possibility of rescued dogs possessing some major personality problems is quite high. You must also consider the fact that your dog is a descendant of an animal species that thrived well in the wild. Although they have been domesticated, it would be a challenge to teach them to adapt to the lifestyle of humans.

Pugs, especially adult pugs and other breeds of dogs can normally be trained to behave correctly and consistently. If you are a first time Pug owner, you may ask other Pug owners for valuable suggestions to help you effectively train your adult pug at home. Although they are already mature, they need to go back to basic training in case they have not received adequate training. This is especially true when it comes to housetraining and basic obedience training.
When training dogs, you should always remember to keep a tight rein on your temper. Your Pug is very sensitive to your tone of voice and body language. If you project an aura of negativity, this might interfere in your Pug’s learning process. Never get angry because they are very sensitive to your reactions. He may have received harsh treatments from his previous owner. Thus if he perceives that you are giving him the same treatment, it could mean more problems. At first, you may find it doubly hard and frustrating, but if you patiently teach him the ropes, you will surely reap positive results.

In training your adult pug, you must let him realize that you are in control of him, that you are the alpha dog. At the same time, it is also very important that he will feel that he is being well treated, loved, and that he is safe. It is imperative for him to sense positive vibes from you for it can help him build self confidence and slowly learn to let go of the bad experiences of his past.
Another vital factor is the participation of your entire family rtant in your pug’s training. Let them be aware of their responsibility and their role to make the dog feel that he is indeed a part of a pack now. Training your adult Pug should be a team-effort.

One of the basic prerequisites in your adult Pug’s basic training is crate training. Having a crate of his own will provide him a protective shell where he can feel safe and secure.

Consistency is also very important when you are training a dog for they are a creature of habit. You can accomplish this by making a schedule of activities in order to easily facilitate the learning process. For example, you can let him out of his crate to pee or poo on specific times of the day and on a specific place in your yard. The schedule should be followed every single day whether it is freezing cold or sweltering outside.

As with young puppies, adult pugs may sometimes have accidents. They may be unable to control their bladder and pee inside the house. When he does, you should interrupt him and bring him outside.

Positive reinforcement is very important in successful dog training. A dog will certainly love the praises and treats that you will give him when he behaves positively. Giving your adult Pug a motivation for learning good behaviour is very important. The steps in its training are more or less the same with young puppies. However, as you go on with your training regimen, you will find that it will require more time, effort, and tons of patience to get the results you desire.
Commitment is very important when you decide to train your adult Pug. Being sensitive to their past experiences coupled with the best techniques, you will surely find that successfully training an adult dog is certainly worth the effort.