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We hope that you've done your homework and learned the necessary information about Pugs so that your decision to get a Pug is an informed, and educated decision.

If so, you're probably ready to begin your search for a Pug, and this section of is here to provide some assistance. There are several "sources" from which you can purchase a Pug, and while this section is devoted primarily to finding Pugs through reputable breeders, and the next section to finding Pugs through Pug Rescue, we would be remiss if we didn't talk about finding Pugs through local animal shelters.

Before moving forward to the articles on finding Pugs through reputable breeders and Pug Rescue, please consider the article below about finding Pugs at animal shelters:

Don't Forget Animal Shelters!
Being Pug People, or future Pug People familiar with the breed, we don’t often think about being able to find a Pug in an animal shelter. They are, after all, lovable and precious dogs and we can barely imagine anyone giving up their Pug. But the fact is that people do give up their Pugs, and not all Pugs manage to get lucky enough to end up in a foster home of someone associated with a Pug Rescue group. Some people, poor breeders and owners alike simply don’t care enough about their dog(s) to seek a good home for their dog if they themselves cannot place or care for them. As a result, even Pugs end up in animal shelters…awaiting the same cruel fate as any other breed.

If you’re looking for a Pug, we urge you to consider seeking them out in local animal shelters. Not only do you have the chance to find a Pug, but you also have an opportunity to save the life of one in the process. Shelters are of course, an ideal source for families who want a Pug, and can manage the cost of caring for one, but not the cost of buying one outright from a reputable breeder.

So how do you do this? It’s easy! Open your phone book, get the addresses of all the animal shelters in your area, and pay each of them a visit. When you arrive, ask to speak to someone who can make arrangements for you to be called when a Pug arrives. Yes, you could simply call them, but meeting the people working at these shelters will leave a more lasting impression and increase your chances of getting called when a Pug happens to land in the shelter. You’ll find that most of the people working in animal shelters share your love of dogs, and care deeply about the work they do. They’re often volunteers who give of themselves, and are eager to help find as many homes for as many dogs as possible. Because of their mission, if a shelter you visit gets a Pug, you can pretty much count on getting a call from them.

We urge you to use this option in your search for a Pug. It may take some time or very little time at all. In the process, as you continue searching for a Pug, please remember to notify the shelter if you happen to find a Pug elsewhere. It’s common courtesy, and will also help the animal shelters stay organized and up to date on the waiting lists they maintain.

Photo of Remington submitted by pug forum member princesspupgirl.