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Questions for the Breeder

You’ve seen the facilities and had a casual conversation with the breeder. Now it’s time to get down to business and also to put this breeder to your own personal test. It’s wise to ask the breeder questions just in general terms so as to develop a feeling for the breeder you’re dealing with. In addition, it’s also wise to ask specific and pointed questions that will both help you make an educated decision and to ease your mind of any concerns you may have. The following is a general list of helpful questions you may want to ask, starting with the must-haves we’ve already mentioned:

Do you offer a purchase contract?

What are the purchase/sale terms of the contract itself?

Do your pups come with health certificates?

Do your pups come with de-worming and vaccination records?

How long do I have to take my Pug to my own veterinarian?

If my veterinarian finds pre-existing conditions, can I return it to you for a refund?

What pre-existing conditions are covered under the contract?

May I meet the mother of these pups? The father?

May I spend time with the mother?

May I spend time with the pups available for sale?

Have your pups been under the care of a veterinarian?

Who has administered the vaccinations and provided required care?

May I inspect your facilities?

If my pup turns out to be show quality, must I show her/him?

If so, what are the terms of this agreement?

Can you provide me with references of some of your customers?

How many litters do you produce each year? From how many mothers?

Are the bitches and sires properly screened?

How long have you been breeding Pugs?

Do you breed any other breed of dog?

If the sire is not on the premises, where is he? Can I meet him?

Feel free to ask these, and any other questions you may have. The breeder should be more than willing and happy to answer these questions to your satisfaction. In fact, the breeder should be happy to answer these and any other questions. Reputable breeders scrutinize the perspective buyer as much as the buyer investigates the breeder. They care about the dogs they put up for sale and take a vested interested in the future of their pups. Reputable breeders will ask you questions regarding your lifestyle, your experience with dogs, your knowledge in caring for them etc...As such, reputable breeders are as concerned about you as you are about them. If you don’t “get” this vibe from the breeder, you may want to consider moving on to find one that does.

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